Time flies by and summer will too. Before you know it it’s fall. That can happen very quick. But in the time being we will make the best out of our summer. Did you plan any city trips lately ? In case you did we came up with 9 travel blogs that’ll inspire your next vacay trip.

all following travel blogs have one thing in common : being an inspiration when it comes to your travel guide. From the delicious restaurant spotters to the most beautiful sights that’ll stay in your memory book forever. So let’s start :


A postcard from Paris. More on Snapchat: twelve.hours

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12HRS is a travel blog for people who suffer from wanderlust the entire year through. People who are genuinely passionate about design fashion and art. The geniuses behind the travel blog Anna and Soren organize travel guides into itineraries. For starters every trip counts 12 hours.

The Blond Abroad

California native Kiersten, left her career in corporate finance to become a world professional wanderer. Since then she has traveled to over 50 countries and have knocked some big adventures off her must-visit list. Inspire you to live a life you love and settle for nothing less than extraordinary are The Blond Abroads her focal points. Because it’s okay to suffer from wanderlust.

Spirited Pursuit

The next travel blog was created by Lee Litumbe from her passion for travel, photography, and storytelling. What is so typical about Lee ? She has a deep rooted appreciation for a well-traveled and adventurous life. Spirited Pursuit is a visual experience and inspiration source for the  souls that love a travel.

Crew love 📸 by @siaka.s.traore // #spiritedpursuit

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Eat This Poem

the best lunch view with @maggiebmiller2222

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Do you love the smell of books ? Gathering around a dinner table with a good glass of wine and reading when it rains ? Eat This Poem is the right place for you. Eat This Poem is like a travel resource for bookworms who are die hard foodies too. What makes ETP a must-visit travel blog to see before your next city trip ? A lot of local writers and bloggers share the best bookstores, coffee shops, reading nooks, and restaurants. All to inspire your next getaway.

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Jungle In Paris

Another travel that should be worth your while is Jungle In Paris. Documenting an unfamiliar way of living and extreme natural environments that help us gain perspective. Focusing on culture , craft, geography and wildlife. That way Jungles In Paris attempts to tell inspiring stories to will make your next trip one to remember.

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Travel Noire

Seclusion. Varenna. Italy. #travelnoire #varenna #lakecomo 📷: @framboisejam

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Travel Noire creates tools and resources for the unconventional traveler. Founded by a Glamour Magazine award-winning entrepreneur Travel Noire is essential for every traveler’s toolkit.

Travel Noire hand picks the most wonderful people from the African diaspora. Living all over the globe. Those Africans share their love of culture and exploration with us , in the hopes that someone will one day travel the seven seas.

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Along Dusty Roads

Andrew and Emily , passionated by travelling and photography , share their interesting travel diaries around the world. On a one-way flight to Mexico with several cameras, a couple of laptops and enough money to last two years they created their travel blog.  About everything related to slow-travel. They live, breathe and fall in love with and share memories of every country they step foot in. Rather than just get a passing glimpse of its best bits. They just want to help you have the best adventure ever.

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And North

Do you consider yourself a New York creative individual ? Then ‘And North’ could be a sure thing for you. And North is a curated guide to upstate young creatives from New York. Created to inspire a sense of community among those interested in connecting the vibrant neighborhoods of New York City.

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The Venue Report

The folks who are rolling up our sleeves, researching, reporting, and traveling to connect you with the very best in venue spaces from around the globe.

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