Want to travel to Oslo and experience it like a true Norwegian? Then this is the travel guide for you.

Norway is quite misunderstood, with many people asking me if there are indeed polar bears walking the streets. Although Norway is generally known for its beautiful fjords and mountains, we do also have other things to boast about.

People have this perception that Norway is expensive, which in many areas such as food and drinks are quite true, however the hotel prices are really cheap which perfectly creates a great balance.

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to the capital – Oslo – then these are the must do things to do, told by a true Norwegian.

Historic landmarks

Oslo has in my opinion, two beautiful landmarks that need to be seen if you’re travelling there: the Oslo Opera and the Royal Palace.


Designed by Tarald Lundevall and opened in 2008, the Oslo Opera is built right on the water and is truly a beautiful representation of what Scandinavian architecture is: clean and modern lines, radiating a minimal expression. Step inside to eat at their lovely restaurant or pose on the roof for a 5 star Instagram.

Address: Kirsten Flagstads Plass 1, 0150 Oslo, Norway


The Royal Palace in Oslo opened in 1849 for  King Charles III of Norway. The palace is surrounded by a lavish garden known as the Palace Park and overlooks the main shopping street in Oslo – Karl Johan. If you head over to the Royal Palace, also make sure to make the trip down Karl Johan to the Parliament as well as the National Theatre.

Address: Slottsplassen 1, 0010 Oslo, Norway

Where to shop

Shopping in Oslo has developed and houses more main stream high street stores such as Zara and H&M, as well as luxury stores such as Louis Vuitton and Hermès. But the town also contains a gem, which is one of my favourite concept stores YME Universe.


YME Universe is located within a shopping centre called Paleet and is undoubtedly the place to go to drop some serious cash. Indulge in streetwear and premium brands such as A.P.C or luxury brands such as Saint Laurent, Valentino and Rick Owens. They also have an amazing sneaker collection on the ground floor.


If you’re not in the mood to drop some hard cash, then head up to the mens floor and have a cup of coffee in their cafe and gaze at the beautiful coffee table books and lavish magazines.

Address: Karl Johans gate 39, 0162 Oslo, Norway

Where to eat

Oslo has developed into quite the culinary city with some great Michelin restaurants such as Maemo, to fabulous lunch places like Bølgen og Moi.


Bølgen og Moi is a favourite within the family, as we’ve been going for many years. It’s a fabulous lunch spot in various locations in Norway, with great dishes such as fish soups, salads and burgers. Inside tip: on Saturday’s, the location in Briskeby turns into quite the party palace for lunch. New York Brunch Style, people are dancing on tables at the end of their meal!

Address: Løvenskiolds gate 26, 0260 Oslo, Norway


Hanami is a great sushi spot in Norway. Eating sushi in Norway is glorious in some ways as the produce is so fresh, but at the same time some Norwegians taste within Japanese cuisine isn’t the most developed. However, at Hanami there’s something for everyone. Great food, atmosphere and drinks, as well as a fabulous location by the ocean in Tjuvholmen.

Address: Kanalen 1, 0252 Oslo, Norway


Skur 33 is a quirky, cute restaurant set in a old boating house. They serve fantastic fish dishes, as well as an array of pizza, pasta and antipasti. Recommendation: the lobster risotto. Dine al fresco while gazing out over the lovely harbour.

Address: Akershusstranda 11, 0150 Oslo, Norway


Last but not least: Festningen Restaurant. Festningen Restaurant is a restaurant connected to Akerhus Festning, which is a medieval castle which was used to protect Oslo during the wars. Festningen has a fantastic wine list and great food, served in a uniquely decorated venue. The view is also absolutely exquisite. Recommendation: steak tartare, which is brilliantly shot for the homepage of the website.


Address: Myntgata 9, 0151 Oslo, Norway

Photocredit: Snohetta, Statsbygg, 67.Media.Tumblr, Mariarogersdotterdotcom, DN, Skur33, Spisekartet