Are you wondering which trendy swim trunks your friends will be wearing to the beach this summer ? We can help you out with that. If you ask us, it’s only normal you anticipate on that. Because nobody wants to be the guy who’s flaunting with swim trunks from 2 years ago ! You only have 2 things to show off at the beach : your adonis summer body and a slick swim trunk. Outerknown from California got what it takes to take on this summer.


The Origin of Outerknown

Pro-surfer Kelly Slater and designer John Moore founded Outerknown with the conviction to create an improved product. As well as understanding the way our consumption impacts our environment. The challenge is to design great looking menswear in a sustainable way and to bring the satisfied buyers along the sustainable journey.

By the way if you watched a lot of sports channels the last 2 decades you might know Kelly Slater as the ultimate surfdude who won championships after championships almost every year. Slay Kelly!Kelly Slater pro-surfer and founder of OUTERKNOWN swimtrunksMust-Have : The Nomadic Trunk

The new ‘Nomadic Collection’ of Outerknown is a selection of minimalist styles you won’t have to compromise your travel budget for.

The 1st must-have item, ‘The Nomadic Trunk’ is a stylish boardshort from 100% recycled polyester and a democratic fit so it speaks to different types of men. Perfect for a surf day at the beach. But also ideal for men who just pretend to be sporty but still care about trendy swim trunks.

Over the next 12 months Outerknown will be releasing more Nomadic trunks. So stay connected for more news on their Twitter feed.

Outerknown - Nomadic swimwear collection - trendy swim trunks for men by Kelly Slater

More men’s swim trunks available on the Outerknown webstore.

Outerknown trendy swim trunks for men by Kelly Slater

Style, Sustainibility and Travel

foundersThese are the 3 fundamentals of pro-surfer Kelly Slater and designer John Moore. 3 basics that absolutely goes hand in hand for the minimalist swimwear line.

Because they don’t use superfluous labels on the apparel. Outerknown sourced a special type of water soluble paper reducing the amount of packaging waste. That resolution is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Therefore environmentally friendly and non-toxic.


Photo credit : Outerknown, Zak Bush