Ahhh, the beauty world, it isn’t always the prettiest of places, ironically enough. Drama, shade, Twitter fights,… They are quite common in the beauty community. Lately, one big cosmetic bomb has exploded, and it’s all revolving around Too Faced, and more specifically, around Jerrod Blandino, one of the co-founders of the American make-up company.

Twitter: @jeffreestar

Where it all started

It all started with Jeffree Star, who called out an instagram post by Jerrod Blandino. In that post, Blandino shaded Tarte Cosmetics for their new unicorn themed collection, basically calling them a copycat. Jeffree Star wasn’t amused, went on Snapchat and basically ranted his ass off. The controversial instagram photo has since been deleted, but that does not mean the war is over.

With that Snapchat rant (that quickly moved to Twitter as well), Star has sparked some more controversy, revolving around the NikkieTutorials x TooFaced collab that happened late last year. Some of the customers were completely let down by the quality of that palette, and while Nikkie never addressed those issues, Jeffree did, or well, cryptically. At the end of April, Jeffree Star decided to bring up the past, by sharing some (deleted?) tweets Nikkie wrote last year, concerning her collab. Jeffree once again called out Jerrod Blandino, and said he had way more tea to spill.

The drama continues

Following that, he tweeted some vague things about Too Faced trying ‘to do something to him’, probably because they felt attacked. A lawsuit? A complaint? Who knows, but Jeffree said he was going to share the whole truth as soon as possible. He even tweeted saying that some Too Faced employee leaked him the official contract Nikkie had with the company. Damn!

For Too Faced, it all went South when the sister of Jerrod started commenting on the whole thing. She basically called customers out on instagram, bashed them and insulted them. Jeffree shared the screenshot of these comments on Twitter (of course), but Jerrod nor his sister have reacted yet.


Meanwhile, some other beauty influencers have joined Team Jeffree: Tati Westbrook (@glamlifeguru) for example has stated in a video that she didn’t think the actions/reactions from Too Faced were fitting for a brand, so she will no longer support or feature Too Faced products in her videos. We’ll have to look out for that infamous video Jeffree Star is speculating on, in which he will supposedly ‘spill all the tea’. Well, one thing is sure: these have been some entertaining weeks for the beauty community, and there will be more to come!