The past seasons we’ve mostly seen Chloé and Gucci ruling the IT-bag landscape. Every self respected fashionista just needed to have a Dionysus, Drew or Faye. But we have strong feelings that this is about to change. Since the online and social overload, the incrowd is looking for something new. And Prada just might have a few pretty interesting purses in its collection this season.

A little history…

Prada was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada and it used to be just a simple shop specialized in leather goods. As a traditional Italian, he didn’t really believe that women should have a role in business. But destiny clearly had another opinion on the subject. First his daughter Luisa took over the label and in 1978 it was granddaughter Miuccia’s turn to prove what she was capable of.

Under her wings, Prada became an international success story. Besides only specializing in leather goods, she invested in a women’s ready to wear collection that was launched in 1989. In the golden 90’s the Milanese label expanded with Miu Miu and a men’s line.

The real expansion stopped in the 21st century, all of a sudden Italian luxury labels didn’t seem to be on top of their game anymore. But tides can always turn, as we’ve seen several times during history.

IT bag alert Prada

The classics

Prada bags have always been a classic but sometimes maybe a bit too classic. So we’re happy that the past 2 seasons, they’ve been adding a few refreshing creations to the range. The Cahier and Pionnière were already a hit this autumn / winter. And with the SS17 pink zig zag design they officially prove that they’re back on track.

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Chiara Ferragni, who else? She’s one of the bloggers who must have the biggest designer bag collection on earth. We even wonder if it’s still morally right but we guess that’s not our point to make. She knows how to wear the right accessories at the right time and that’s all what matters at the moment. Chiara was one of the first to be spotted with the Prada esplanade zigzag bag and she totally rocks it.

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Photo credits: Prada, Chiara Ferragni via Instagram