Everyone has a dark side to their personality“.  You probably heard someone say it somewhere , someday. At times we even caught ourselves thinking about that quote, instantly realising how true it is. But when it comes to men and fashion, our wardrobe choices have a dark side too. Think of all the black clothes you got hanging in your closet guys. And to be honest the best way to combine black is with black, right ?

So we did some research and we found several smart and creative ways to upgrade the dark side of your closet. And if you mostly have black clothes in your closet , this might be interesting for you to read.


In general men are messier than women. That’s just about enough reason to start organizing that closets of yours. Organizing is another way to keep your clothes from making your room messy again. And we all know how fast that can happen. So first of all you’d want to organize your room by following next suggestions.

Use clothing racks and shelves

Save some space in your room by placing a clothing rack and extra shelves to arrange your gear. By doing this you’ll have a clear overview of all your clothes. Blazers , jackets on one side and pants and shirts on the other. Plus, it allows more light to shine in the room.

Upgrade the Dark Side of Your ClosetUpgrade the Dark Side of Your Closet

Black hangers

To add a bonus to the entire “all black” package, please do hang your clothes on black hangers. Where to find it online : JCP HENNEY .

Upgrade the Dark Side of Your Closet

Black shoes

Men wear black shoes all the time. To work, to travel, to meetings, on  dates…black is a color without boundaries. Wear black shoes anywhere you want guys. Because it’ll never be unapropriate.

Upgrade the Dark Side of Your Closet

Shop black shoes

Leather jacket

Your wardrobe will never feel complete without a leather jacket. This must-have can be practical in every season. You could use one by night during the summer and during the winter it’s indispensable. Do you prefer a biker or harrington model ? However these next 2 super models made us want to wear it right now.

Lucky Blue black leather jacketUpgrade the Dark Side of Your Closet

Shop leather jacket

Photo credit : Allbnow, ZARA, ELLE UK, Men’s fashion blogger