Some of you are probably counting down the days to hang with your friends, listen to good music and finally pull off that festival look. Concerning this last topic, if you haven’t decided what to wear yet we’re here to the rescue. First of all we suggest you read our do’s and don’ts from Coachella. We’ve given some extremely valuable tips (depending on how important you think your look is… of course).

Since quite some festivals aren’t held in sunny California, taking the weather into account might also be one of our most important tips. Even though it’s held in July, you don’t want to grab a cold at Tomorrowland. As always, layering is essential. Let’s have a look…

Look 1

As we mentioned in our Coachella article, stay away from fringes and flowers (unless the flowers are Balenciaga). Why not a simple pair of sweatpants, slippers and an oversized shirt. You can wear a sexy top underneath when things get hot (literally and figuratively).

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Original festival lookOriginal festival look

Look 2

A denim skirt is always a good idea! We like to mix and match a little with feminine and boyish items. Combine the skirt with a hoodie or that oversized shirt from look one (with or without sexy top). The casual pyjama look can be great for the final festival day when you were too drunk to shower and want to look semi effortless.

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Look 3

As we already said in the introduction, when you head to a festival in a northern country, rain is always an option. This doesn’t mean you have to dress like a farm girl who just went fishing. Just ask yourself the question “what would Kate Moss do?”. If you forget about the drugs and binge drinking, you got yourself a perfect soaked outfit.

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Upgrade your festival lookUpgrade your festival look

Photo credits: Vogue, Emily Alan for WMagazine, Pinterest