Last Friday the young band Viola Beach released their first and last album. If the band name doesn’t ring a bell, you might wonder why it is also their last. Well, sadly all four band members and their manager were killed in a car accident in Sweden earlier this year. The families of the British band members say that releasing this album is the best way to celebrate their lives.

“This is their legacy”

The band’s self-titled album was released on their own record label, Fuller Beans Records. It consists of nine songs, including singles Swings & Waterslides and Boys That Sing. Their families hope that this music will bring people as much happiness listening to it as the boys had creating it.”This is their legacy and we know deep in our hearts that the boys would want the world to listen to the music they poured everything into. This was only the beginning for them and these nine songs were written with every intention to be shared, heard and most of all, enjoyed.”

“She said that together we could take on the world”

Since the release was a few days ago, I have had the time to give the songs a listen. Too bad Viola Beach has such a sad story coming with it, because the music is so pure and happy. Just as the brother of guitarist River has said: the songs are about living life to the full. The lyrics might not be very sophisticated, but they bring a beautiful message. My favorite song is Really Wanna Call. But of course I also love their single Boys That Sing, with the beautiful line: “She said that together we could take on the world”.

Viola Beach headlining Glastonbury

In June, Coldplay performed Boys That Sing at Glastonbury festival, in a tribute to the band. Lead singer Chris Martin said: “We’re going to create Viola Beach’s alternate future for them. We’re gonna let them headline Glastonbury with their song. So Kris, Jack, River, Tomas and manager, Craig… This is what would have maybe been you in 20 years or so, and I hope we do this song justice.”