Warsaw is the capital and largest city in Poland. It is a city that has an incredibly varied architecture and culture. After WWII the city had to have 85% of it’s buildings in the old town rebuilt, due to the extensive attacks launched at the city. It is without a doubt a very exciting, up and coming destination to visit in the coming years.


With a city so rich in history, it is inevitable that there are a large amount of must see sights.

As you may or may not know, I’m a big fan of castles – and the castle in Warsaw is pretty cool. After the original one was demolished after being blown up during WWII, they then created a carbon copy. Located in the in the Old Town of Warsaw, it is a brick building and quite unconventional compared to other royal castles in Europe. Nonetheless, it is an impressive building and it’s always interesting to see how architecture styles vary throughout countries. The castle houses some impressive art works, mainly displaying the old days of Warsaw, which played a vital part in rebuilding the city after the war.

The city is also known for its long Jewish history and in 2014 a museum was created, documenting the many years of Jewish heritage. The Museum of the history of Polish Jews is a museum with a permanent exhibition that covers 1000 years worth of history regarding Polish Jews.

The Soho Factory is located on the right bank, in one of the oldest parts of the city. It is an area of the city that is dedicated to art and culture. You’ll find a wide array of sites, restaurants more – and this is also where the famous Neon Musem is located.


Boathouse Restaurant And Bar is an oasis, about 10 minutes from downtown Warsaw. Described as a tranquil escape from a busy city, this zen restaurant serves up brilliant mediterranean food.

U Fukiera is Warsaw’s oldest, but also most famous restaurant. Serving up traditional Polish cuisine, to famous visitors such as Naomi Campbell, Roman Polanski and members of various royal families.

Recommended by several locals: The Alchemist Gastropub is an international hit, mimicking the likes of London and New York. Known to have great cocktails and fantastic food menu, they also have Europe’s only pour your own beer wall experience. Sounds pretty amazing to me.


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