What happened to USA for Africa? If “We are the world” doesn’t trigger your memory, you should seriously consider clicking on this link.

Now, 31 years later, nothing has changed. And we even seem to find al the suffering normal. When a natural disaster strikes we’ll make an effort to get out of our couches. The “We are the world” song even got recycled after the flood in Haïti. But what about the children in Gaza, Syria, Afghanistan and so on… Is it because we humans instead of mother nature caused their pain that the matter is less important?

Politicians and leaders yet again fucked things up. We got used to that right now! But when are we, the commoners, finally going to use our voice?

We got the power

The past has proven that people do have a voice. Otherwise we wouldn’t have to learn about the French or American Revolution in history class. Even Nelson Mandela got liberated out of prison thanks to international support. Nowadays things became easier and more difficult thanks to the world wide web. sharing your (substantiated) opinion is just one click away.

But why do we remain silent when it comes to the atrocities in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq? We don’t know if you have see recent images from children in Aleppo but they could definitely use our support. Is it because we’re all so afraid of Islam that we don’t dare to use our voice? Or have we just given up on the Middle East? After decades of wars that are too complicated to understand we seem to have no more hope.

And in the meanwhile some mighty men are becoming richer and more powerful because of these wars. While the population, the future keeps on suffering. Will this puppetry ever end?

We are the world


We can’t write about this subject without mentioning the absolute, one and only king of pop. He was the driving force behind “We are the world” together with Lionel Richie. And he was an inspirational human being when it comes to all important matters. “Earth Song”, “They don’t care about us”, “Man in the mirror”, all songs with a message that’s still very topical today. To date, no other artist or group has been able to touch so many hearts and to spread the message as Michael did.

Most of the modern artists see Michael Jackson as a true icon, their inspiration. But nobody seems to even care about following his example. Justin Bieber claims to make the world a better place. But he didn’t get further than singing songs about his relationship with Selena Gomez. Let’s not even mention Taylor Swift and her love songs. Beyonce contributed to the fact that girls can run the world but that’s about it. Yes, they all team up with good causes because they have to. But nobody actually uses his or her voice to make this world a better place.

They don’t need to follow his footsteps, there will always only be one Michael. But besides donating they could use this popularity and voice to not only talk about fashion. But also help educating the world. And this actually counts for everyone with loads of social media influence. Think about it!

“We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day so let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making, we’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day just you and me”