8 Aug

Interview: Talking WeCanDance Festival with Artistic Director Laura Praet

WeCanDance is coming back on the 12th and 13th of August with a brand new edition. For the 5th anniversary, the team behind WCD is taking you to party in “desert dreams”. This weekend the Belgian coast will be all about tasteful food, a thousand and one looks and most importantly good music. The lineup includes international and local artists as well as new under-the-radar DJs we can’t wait to vibe to. Jarreau Vandal, Stavroz, Theo and Faisal are just a few on our list. You can check out the entire list on the WCD website.

To get you (and ourselves) all warmed up for the festival, we had a little chat with Laura Praet who is the artistic director of WeCanDance. She shared her expectations with us and spilled a couple of details about this year’s edition.

Tell us a bit more about yourself…

My name is Laura Praet and I’m a creative director and stylist. After graduating I went abroad to gain experience and so I interned in NYC and Paris. When my first real job in Barcelona ended, I decided to come back to this tiny country called Belgium… still feeling rather nomadic. 

How did you discover your love for styling?

It all started when I went into my mom’s dressing room to put on her shoes for the first time. After a while, I didn’t agree with her choices anymore so I started to make my own whenever we went shopping. And as much as I love my mom, my grandmother is my biggest muse. 

How did the “desert dreams” theme come to life and what was your part in the process?

It was actually one of the founders who suggested it. I helped to fine tune the direction. From the start, we all felt comfortable with the “desert dreams”.

What do you expect of the festival as the creative director of WCD17?

I expect people to have goosebumps! Doesn’t matter whether it’s by tasting the delicious food, while experiencing the art installations, by listening to a set or customizing some babouches. We just want you to be moved and surprised by something.

How will WCD17 be harder, better, faster, stronger than the last edition?

As we are celebrating the 5th edition, it’s some sort of a big celebration edition. We have put extra energy into everything. Much more experiences and exclusively designed stages.

How does the ultimate “desert dreams” outfit looks like according to you?

I see flowy fabrics and sandy, earthly color tones in combination with modern fresh white hues. Oh, don’t forget the golden earrings and babouches.

At what stage will we see you dancing the day/night away?

You will find me hopping around. On day 1 I’ll definitely go for a bite at Graanmarkt, which is a new partner. On Sunday I will try the lunch at Pure C. After the henna session at the experience dome you can find me at the Slow Dance or K!tsch stage. One last thing I’m very much looking forward to is the performance of Jyoti.

Any food you absolutely have to eat at the WCD Food Market?

As every edition, all food will be delicious but personally, I’m very excited about newcomer Graanmarkt 13.

By the looks of the WCD17 campaign, we noticed Djellabas and Caftans are amongst the suggested key pieces. Any sweet words you want to share to those who might feel offended because of cultural appropriation?

I hope nobody will feel offended as we are only inspired. Love

Photo credits: WeCanDance


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