Last week we wrote about what not to wear at Coachella 2017 and we’re happy to say that our prayers have been heard. There clearly is still a God, amen! As predicted the 90’s vibe would be omni present and so it happened.

In summary, what did cross our eyes the past few days. Crop tops, fishnets in all shapes and sizes, shorts, loads of denim and braids. The award for the best Coachella look so far goes officially to miss Chiara Ferragni. She totally rocked that white Dior look. Unfortunately not all of us have the financial resources to afford high fashion for a festival. But that’s ok, we enjoyed watching her outfit from our cellphone screens at home.

Looking forward to what Coachella 2017 still has in store for us! Coachella 2017Coachella 2017Coachella 2017Coachella 2017Coachella 2017Photo credits: Instagram, Elle, Refinery29