What’s stopping you? Isn’t that a question we all posed ourselves at least a few times. So many ideas, good intentions, plans feelings and for some we block ourselves from actually taking action. In some occasions it’s a good thing that we have that internal compass stopping us once a while. But most of the time we’re holding ourselves back from giving things a try because of several factors.


What if that person I have feelings for will say no? What if my business plan will be a total failure? What if my wife / husband will leave me? What if my friends will drop me? Most of the things we don’t do or say in our lives are led by fear. We keep on doing the same boring job for years just because we’re afraid to quit, to jump in the unknown. We stay married to the person we know that isn’t good for us. We keep being friends with the same people however you can’t be yourself with them.

Anxiety is a feeling that’s part of who we are. However always be aware that it doesn’t control you. You don’t have to jeopardize everything you have or stop being who you are. But living is all about trial and error. To take a nosedive is just part of the game.


In a world where the word burnout became part of our regular vocabulary, there’s still a lot of laziness. Sometimes you’re so stuck in your comfort zone that it gets hard to find a way out. It might bother you in some way or another but still, you don’t find the energy to go looking for a solution. Well guess what, every step is one in a direction whether it’s a good or bad on. At least you pushed yourself into doing something. When you don’t find your dream job immediately, try an alternative first. When you don’t find the love of your life at the age of 19, try friendship first. One thing always leads to another. And sometimes things don’t just sound simple, they actually are. We just tend to make situations more difficult in our heads.

What's stopping you?

Because we simply don’t want to

How weird it may sound, some people just like to be unhappy. You probably all know that one individual who’s always wallowing in self-pity. Although he or she has no particular reason to be miserable. This type of person just seems to have the ability to see the negative in every situation. Or (sub)consciously goes looking for negative situations.

When you recognize yourself in this personality type, please think carefully on what an effect you might have on others. In general, people just don’t like to spend time with someone who has a pessimistic mindset. But if there’s a will to change, there’s a way. Recognition is a first step but there will also be some serious digging involved. A good psychologist might be very helpful. But we’d really like to point out the word “good” here. Make sure you feel a connection after the first or second visit, otherwise it’s a sign you need to look for someone else. If the traditional way doesn’t work, there are loads of alternative solutions. Astrology, meditation, yoga and so on. Sometimes we just forgot in what kind of world we’re living and you just need to be pushed in another direction.

External factors

“Being the creator of your own life and destiny” is a truth in a lot of cases. At least when you’re not living in a warzone or a country where those in power are messing things up. What we want to say is that unless you’re living in extreme dangerous conditions, there’s always the option to live the life you want to be living.

Photo credits: Bethany Legg