There are quite a few rude awakenings in life you’re bound to encounter, but my latest one came as a perk from dating a morning person and it wasn’t my precious coffee. Ever since uni I’ve installed this practical habit of showering at night. Rinsing off beer drenched clothes and my scrubbing smoke filled scalp. Slathering on some night cream and dozing off in mere seconds after hitting the pillow. Knowing for a scientific fact that our entire body regenerates overnight plus the cooling down from a shower helps to induce sleep hormones. You’d think that everyone is on board with this, wrong! It wasn’t until my physical self [with foggy mind included] got carried out of bed and into the shower that I rallied like a cat in a bathtub. The water jets blasting cold water from all sides. Not what I was expecting at all.

The cool-down effect after a shower induces the sleep hormone, perfect for those that have trouble catching proper sleep.


Morning showers are hell

My shower basically has two settings, a cryogenic stasis or molten lava. Finding that sweet spot is hard and having to be physically in the “death” zone to find it, you’re setting yourself up for a great morning. I get that if you’re into morning workouts and sweating like a pig, it’s a given you must rinse clean. I simply enjoy coffee more than cold water and a morning run. There’s even a notice of how creative jobs benefit greatly from this zen moment. Move over, this is a job for coffee and car karaoke!


Pure evening bathroom bliss

I on the other hand am part of the PM brigade. Lovers of long drawn out showers with plenty of shower gel and soaking those fatigued muscles. You don’t want to know how in our daily life we’re steeped in environmental pollutants. Why would you want to sleep in it? Not to mention all of the skin issues like acne and dryness it causes. Even guys should get the occasional lotion on a few dry spots, as a result you’ll look better in no time. Invest in your evening routine and you cut down on the morning drill, giving way to sweet snoozing. Nothing beats that!