In a society where acting busy became the highest goal, spending time alone seems the most uncool thing to do. It means you’re a lonely creature, you have nobody to hang out with and that you seriously need to get your act together. But isn’t it important to be alone once in a while. In the end the person you spend most of your time with is yourself, no? When we’re not working, we’re planning something else to avoid that one thing that scares us: spending some valuable me time.

We love to meet new people and to spend loads of time with the ones we like & love. But to fully recharge our batteries it’s important to avoid anything and everything once a while. Even though hanging with family or friends sounds very relaxing. At the end of the day you still get a lot of input from the outside. You’re listening, talking and sharing stories. Which is majorly important since human beings are generally social creatures. But once a month we’re locking ourselves up in our homes to be alone. And this is how we do it.

1. Wearing PJ’s all day

All day, every day we’re doing our very best to look as stylish as possible. Freshly showered, hair & make-up done, outfit on point, a bit of perfume. But seriously, it feels so good to spend one day in our pajamas from time to time. We might smell a bit and look terribly scruffy but who cares? At least we’re motivated again to go for the daily beauty routine afterwards.
Why me time actually is important

2. Reading that book we never have time for

We all have the habit to buy all the books we want to read but where we never have time for. And reading is so important for you personal development. It also makes you forget the here and now which can be useful to de-stress. So wake-up, grab something to eat, make yourself a coffee/tea and jump back into bed with that literary masterpiece.

3. Catching up with all the episodes we missed from our favorite serie

With all the events going on, we even hardly have time to watch one episode of our favorite serie in the evening. So during the weekends we truly enjoy some binge-watching. Perfect to detach and live an imaginary life for an hour or 5.

4. Sleep

The entire week we’re fighting behind our desks against the fact we really need some sleep. Sometimes it’s that bad we need to go for a little walk to not lay our heads on our keyboards. When we just keep on going during the weekends because we suffer that well-known fear of missing out. We’ll finally end up being over exhausted before we know it. And ignoring this might turn into a burnout.

So forget about wake-up calls (definitely on Sundays) and when you feel you need an extra nap in the afternoon, go ahead! It means your body terribly needs it and sometimes you just have to listen.

5. Eating leftovers

Unless you think cooking is the most relaxing thing to do… finish the leftovers that are still to be found in the fridge. Or just order pizza. You see, there’s a reason we don’t have a food or cooking category on Enfnts Terribles. During the week we like to make an healthy effort. But spending 7 days a week in the kitchen is just a little bit too much!

Photo credits: Benjamin Combs