The first season of The Family is over. For those who might NOT know this new-born thriller serie let us take you on a ride down season 1.

The Warren Family

Claire Warren ( Joan Allen) is a mother of 3 and a politician. Her son Adam Warren ( Liam James ) was kidnapped when he was a little boy. Since their creepy pedofile neighbor was suspected of Adam’s murder. He pledged guilty just because and did jail-time for a couple of years. Now when the pilot starts first thing you see is a starving , filthy and exhausted boy returning home out of nowhere. At the same time everybody thought he was dead and the strange neighbor Hank Asher ( Andrew McCarthy ) went to jail because he was the 1st suspect. From there the pilot took off and we were gone for 13 episodes.

First impressions

The ET team disliked the mother in the pilot episode because she was too much of an ice queen. But we didn’t fully understand why. She was only running for governor , she’s NOT Olivia Pope or something. enfntsterribles_thefamily1

Solved enigma

Like in every serie secrets always come home and it turned out that Adam wasn’t who he was claiming to be.

Now that we have revealed the big secret of the main characters. Let’s go on to the interesting people who are making this thriller serie a must-watch.

Enfntsterribles_thefamily3Rupert Graves , the father,who goes by the name of John Warren is the cool & loose governor’s husband. He cheated on his wife Claire during the investigation on Adam’s ‘murder’.
Willa Warren ( Alison Pill ) is Adam’s big sister. She keeps the family focused and she’s also her mom’s press secretary. Willa is mysterious, quiet and carries the biggest secrets amongst the family members. Don’t let her sweet and innocent face fool you as she is more dangerous than she looks.

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Persona non grata

Everybody seems to have some kind of a serious role in the Warren family. If there’s one person who is bringing shame to the family it must be the lost brother Danny Warren ( Zach Gilford). Ex-alcoholic and professional no-lifer Danny noticed that something was off with Adam. He claims Adam is not really being Adam-like. Because as clumsy he is, Adam forgets memories that seem rather unforgettable to Danny. Guess what ? The only righteous person was Danny. But who listens to an ex-alcoholic who doesn’t have a job.

Watch & Read : The Family Season 1

At Enfnts Terribles watching series is a weekly activity. Some ET members don’t watch TV at all so series is what gets us going at times. Season 1 of The Family was fun to watch BUT … the aesthetic of the serie was similar to ‘The Killing’. Not that it’s a bad thing yet we hope that all enigmas will be solved in season 2. Every persona has an unresolved issue that is not fully outed yet and we really want to know what it is. Especially Willa Warren.enfntsterrible_the-family1

Photo credit : ABC, She Knows