We genuinely love what you ladies have done with cross-dressing trends. In fact it’s fascinating how a basic wardrobe item from the opposite sex can become such an impactful style trend for woman. Although wearing your boyfriend’s shirt has become a legitimate trend now, women have been doing it for centuries. Yes, the boyfriend shirt caught the attention of famous street style photographers, style enthusiasts like ourselves and got featured on Vogue. But…there’s a much bigger picture.

It all started with a struggle

Battles were fought and lives were lost only for women to be treated equal to men. Officially it all started centuries before the emancipation of the woman. You had women who were put in the awkward position to cross-dress for countless reasons :

  • to attain the same job as a man with the same paycheck
  • to join the army with their husbands
  • to be safe where it wasn’t for women
  • to run from credit collectors
  • to become unidentifiable because of the damage they had caused

So if you look back in history women were almost forced to crossdress their way through life. Yet in this day and age luckily for us women there’ll be no forcing in any way. Not under ET’s watch!

The modern woman of the 21st century feels : powerful , confident and sexy. Not only because we can. Because we deserve it. Period.

Old School VS New School

Clearly crossdressing doesn’t has the same cultural perception as in the 17th century . Nowadays we can pick a clothing item out of our male compagnon’s wardrobe whenever we feel like it. Especially when you are rushing to work after a steamy and intens love session. Just to sum up examples of the reality we live in today.

5 things modern women do when they’ve claimed the boyfriend shirt
  •  We wear a fuzzy morning hairstyle and sunglasses as camouflage.

Fuzzy hair style women

  • We wear the boyfriend shirt backwards and accessorize it. By adding a fancy bag to it.

women wear boyfriend shirt

Backward button shirt street style

button down shirt backward by the manrepeller

  • We show some skin to get the boys to the yard
  • We embrace our inner Tomboy
  • Furthermore we’ll also steal your pants so watch out boyfriends.

button down shirt backwards street style

Button shirt worn backwards street stylebackwardshirt4backwardbuttonshirt9

Photo credit : Time for fashion, Manrepeller, Theyallhateus