Why you should stop reading that silly horoscope


Why you should stop reading that silly horoscope!

We really wonder if all those magazines have a full-time astrologer on board. Or do the interns write that silly horoscope page every month? Don’t get us wrong, we’re not laughing at all about astrology in general. We strongly believe in the positions of celestial objects. But it requires years of experience before you’re really capable of reading the signs.

Astrology is much more complicated than just knowing your so-called star sign. Anyone who has ever done a little bit of research knows about the natal chart. This “map” shows the positions of all the planets on the exact moment you were born. Besides the Sun sign, there’s also your ascendant: the zodiacal sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location you saw your first daylight. In simpler terms, this explains how other people see you, how you present yourself to the world. And it’s not over yet, there aren’t only 12 zodiac signs but also 12 houses. A birth chart will show you what the position of the planets was in relation to these different houses.

Anyway, since we won’t manage to fully describe the mysteries of astrology in this tiny article, we suggest you do a little research yourself. But we won’t leave you empty-handed. Sharing is all about caring and so we’d love to tell you all about our favorite websites. You can visit them right now or that one day you’re willing to learn a bit about yourself through the wonderful world of astrology. You might be surprised… if you’re open-minded enough!

Why you should stop reading that silly horoscope


Kaypacha is mostly known for his weekly Pele report. These are astrology forecasts on Youtube in which he talks about the position of the different planets and the meaning behind this position. We always feel more relaxed after watching his videos. It makes us reflect on what is truly important in life instead of constantly worrying about banal situations. Every week there’s a new Pele report online, usually on Wednesday or Thursday.



Mystic Mamma can be described as a spiritual platform that will inspire you. What we like most about this website is the astral insights section. Besides Kaypacha’s weekly Pele reports, lots of interesting articles about full moons and other planetary positions are shared on this page. Mystic Mamma is definitely a site to bookmark!


Aluna Michaels

Aluna Michaels doesn’t have the most sexy website but she definitely is one experienced astrologer. From the age of 3, her mom started taking her to astrology classes. So basically she has been immersed in the world of signs, planets and houses from when she was born. Her esoteric horoscope is the only one we still loyally read every month. This because she’s also specialized in soul evolution and meditation. What she does is not the next best monthly prediction as most basic chart readers. Esoteric astrology focusses on the agenda of the soul.

So if you’re looking for answers, this might just be the website you want to visit.


Artwork: Tereza Emingrova


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