13 Mar
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Here Are Some YouTubers You Should Be Watching

Can you believe YouTube only exists for 12 years? It feels like I have been watching YouTube videos for as long as I can remember. Videos that went viral like ‘Charlie bit my finger’ are legendary, but also marks a huge difference with what the platform has become. It went from funny/viral cat videos to a multi-billion dollar business. Nowadays YouTube is filled to the brim with new, young faces that are trying to become the next big thing. But if you enjoy watching some good YouTubers, who do you need to watch?

Jonah Green

Last year I stumbled upon a blonde guy with the bluest eyes on earth, Jonah Green. His videos are very unconventional; he talks about things we rarely ever think about and explains them in an almost poetic way. To my disappointment, I had to find out that he stopped making videos. Why? Most of his content consisted of the usual YouTube ‘challenges’ and ‘tags’, and he felt like he was obligated to do this. So he took a one year break to figure some things out, and now he’s finally back to make the videos he loves most and feels good about. And they are absolutely amazing.

Julien Solomita

It’s a bit disrespectful to only recognize Julien Solomita because he’s Jenna Marbles’ boyfriend. But thanks to watching the Queen of YouTube, I got to know him and his channel. He mostly makes vlogs, and I know that it immediately sounds boring. But I enjoy watching his vlogs because they got that Casey Neistat kind of feel to them, but they’re 100 % Julien. What’s also kind of refreshing is that he doesn’t make any effort to fake his vlogs. They feel so genuine and most of all, you feel like Julien & Jenna’s best friend. You truly start living their lives with them. I can definitely recommend!

Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII

I can’t talk about YouTube without mentioning my bae, the realest, baddest bitch of them all. Known by her username IISuperwomanII, the Canadian Lilly Singh is without a doubt one of the biggest YouTubers in the world. She’s done it all: a world tour, a movie, her own lipstick and a book that will be coming out soon called “How To Be A Bawse”. But why is she so successful? Again it’s all about being genuine. But what I love most about her is that she’s incredibly inspiring. She takes her skits and videos to a higher level each time with some amazing guest appearances like Winnie Harlow or Selena Gomez. And in her vlogs she shows a real day in the life of a YouTube superstar, and how even she struggles with life.  If you need a boost for your work/school life, I assure you that watching her vlogs will work some wonders.


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