It’s no secret that we love the Swedish sweetheart Zara Larsson over here at ENFNTS TERRIBLES. If you haven’t seen our editorial “Ain’t My Fault” yet, you’re missing out. Obviously our Zara inspired editorial was created to celebrate the release of her album ‘So Good’. I’ve had the new music on repeat for a few days and I’m totally ready to pick out my favorites.

1. Only You

Cause I can’t love nobody like I love myself, only you“. This is honestly one the most touching songs on the album. Although I can’t really relate to the love story part of the song because I’m ending up in an apartment full of cats, it does really hit me right in the feels. The music, the lyrics, it’s all just right.

2. Sundown (featuring Wizkid)

Right now spring is at full force and I can smell summer coming up. Sundown just really gets me in that mood and makes me want to dance. Also, I can already imagine how I will be driving my car around in summer with my sunglasses on and the wind going through my hair. I also love how universal the lyrics are: “So can we love now? Cause I don’t wanna wait until the sundown“. Just love each other now people, aight?

3. TG4M

TG4M (or Too Good For Me) got me totally feeling myself. Nice beat and melody, and totally relatable lyrics. “You’re too good for me, but I want you anyway“, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Like Sundown I can totally see myself cruising around this summer on this song. It’s just a total bop.

Zara Larsson at full force

There’s no denying it: Zara Larsson is well on her way to conquer the world. Her rise in the music industry has been incredible and I can only applaud her for doing such a good job. She has been killing it with one hit after the other ever since stepping into the music scene with Lush Life. Not many artists succeed in staying relevant like Zara does.

However, the album is something different. The songs individually are amazing. There’s not a single one on this record that I don’t like. Still I have a very weird feeling when listening to it. I don’t really feel a connection with all the hits we already know, and the new songs on the album. It almost feels like they don’t belong together.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that musically it’s an incredible album. Zara really showed a different side of herself with these toned down, almost fragile songs. She did a really good job. Literally So Good.