Maxim Meyer-Horn

27 Dec 2019

10 Albums You’ve Been Sleeping on in 2019

Wake up, bitches! The year is almost over, so it’s time to reflect on all the things we’ve seen and heard in the past year and let you know what albums you’ve been sleeping on these past twelve months. 2019 has been a good year for music, but many fabulous albums were ignored by y’all and that’s a big crime! Because we have a good heart, we present you X albums you have to listen to before the year ends.

1. Flamboyant by Dorian Electra

Fans of Charli XCX will already know Dorian Electra, but we doubt that mainstream pop fans have heard of them. In the past, Electra already released many tracks, but they have never released an album until this year. This summer, they released Flamboyant, a pleasant album that explores the boundaries of electro and pop. In just a little over thirty minutes, Electra creates a special vibe that is slightly abstract, weird, but most of all interesting.

The most important thing about it all, is that they stay true to themselves and don’t adjust themselves to be mainstream. An album that won’t bore you at all!

2. Ancestor Boy by Lafawndah

Lafawndah is one of the most futuristic R&B artists we discovered this year. The singer has roots in Egypt and Iran and uses that as an input for her incredible songs. We have to be fair, Lafawndah’s album Ancestor Boy is far from being mainstream, but that’s one of the biggest strengths of the album. While listening to the album, you embark on a 45-minute long trip that will blow you away. The conceptual album is so well-produced and balanced, that we can listen to it over and over again and still discover interesting details… If you like artists like FKA Twigs, Grimes or BANKS, this might be your cup of tea!


Speaking of BANKS, the American singer celebrated a phenomenal return with her third album III. While she has a big fan base, BANKS never became a mainstream artist and hasn’t scored a radio hit yet. A pity, because even though her music has a slight sense of complexity, we adore how she stays true to her sound and develops it with every project she releases. III is a magical album that impressed us a lot. Songs like “Contaminated”, “Propaganda” or “Gimme” are real gems that have been ignored by many pop fans. We should all recognize the power of BANKS’ music.

4. new breed by DAWN

Dawn Richard was one of the members of Danity Kane, an American girl group formed by the legendary rapper Diddy in his MTV-show Making the Band, but celebrated her biggest success as a solo artist. This year, she released her fifth studio album new breed, which was received extremely well by the media. The excellent R&B album was praised for its strong production and songwriting and we totally agree, there’s not a thing we don’t like about the project.

New breed just has a great sense of confidence that makes it as powerful as it is. Every song is close to perfection and we still can’t believe this wasn’t a big hit. Let’s hope y’all discover the beauty of this album.

5. Hot Pink by Doja Cat

While hip-hop is still dominated by men, many female artists are finally starting to get the recognition they deserve. One of them is Doja Cat, the girl behind the viral track “Mooo!”, but she’s definitely more than just a viral sensation. Since our interview with her in March, Doja became one of the frontrunners of female hip-hop and her second album Hot Pink is the best example why she became so popular in the scene.

The album sounds refreshing and juicy and makes us use the repeat button. It’s a mystery to us why she hasn’t blown up like Cardi or Nicki, because Doja is clearly one of the best urban artists of this moment. Maybe, 2020 will be the year where the Los Angeles-born rapper becomes the superstar she deserves to be.

6. Trinity by Eartheater

Trinity isn’t a real album, but is a 10-song strong mixtape that has kept us on our toes for over a month now. Behind the pseudonym hides the Queens-based artist and multi-instrumentalist Alexandra Drewchin, who came to our attention due to her epic visuals on Instagram and her experimental electronic music on Spotify. Her newest project Trinity is a collaboration between Drewchin and half a dozen New York producers that helped her create the experience that is Trinity. The mixtape is her most accessible project to date, but still has this amazing strangeness that makes it stand out. Not sure what we mean? Just listen to “Solid Liquid Gas” and you’ll get what we mean!

7. Clarity by Kim Petras

There are only a few artists we’re totally obsessed with and one of them is Kim Petras. Petras was born in Germany, but moved to the United States to pursue her dream of becoming a recording artist. In 2017, Petras released her first official single, but it took her over two years to release her first full length album.

Clarity was worth the wait and is an uncomplicated pop album with bops following up one another as if it’s the most normal thing on earth. Usually, we’re quite critical when it comes to good pop music, but we couldn’t discover a flaw on Clarity, making it one of our favorite albums of the year. If you’re looking for an album to get yourself ready for a party, we’d like to suggest this as the soundtrack.

8. High Highs to Low Lows by Lolo Zouaï

At the beginning of November, we celebrated the first anniversary of the Tommy Jeans Store in Antwerp and star guest Lolo Zouaï gave an energetic performance that made us fall in love with her music even more. The Brooklyn-based singer makes pop music that’s strongly influenced by R&B and hip-hop.

The musical production is so slick and polished and her vocals are just impeccable, but the most interesting thing about the album is the combination of sounds. Inspired by her Algerian roots, French background and the New York club scene, the result is an eclectic blend of sounds that leaves you wanting more. And more is coming soon, because Lolo revealed in our exclusive interview that she’s already writing for her second project.

9. Immunity by Clairo

Alternative pop music fans will know Clairo for sure, because the American singer had her big moment this year. Clairo has released her first full length record called Immunity and we aren’t immune for her sweet and melancholic pop songs. Every song on the album sounds different and allows you as a listener to dive a little bit deeper into the beauty of her artistic visions. The special thing about her music is that you can listen to it in every mood. From happy to heartbroken to desperate, Clairo’s music fits every situation.

Clairo has been an insiders’ tip for way too long now and should have become way bigger because of this remarkable debut. Stream the shit out of it!

10. Cheap Queen by King Princess

2019 might have been just the warm up for King Princess, because 2020 promises to be a great year for one of our favorite Brooklyn singers. Some weeks ago, it was announced that the genderqueer singer will be heading on a giant European tour with global superstar Harry Styles and we’re excited King Princess will finally play in these big rooms. The first album Cheap Queens is a raw approach on modern pop rock with an amazing vocal production and a cool edge, which makes it so adorable.

Close your eyes and enjoy King Princess’ very vulnerable songs that center anxiety, self love and falling in love. We already can’t get enough of her!

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