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10 Oct

10 of Our Favorite New Music Releases to Stream This Week

Some new, musical masterpieces have crossed our paths lately. So without further ado, here are 10 of our favorite music releases this week.

1. Charli Adams — Didn’t Make It

Based in Nashville (USA), Indie newcomer Charli Adams has all the potential to make it big. Her recent release “Didn’t Make It” enchants us with a soft, dreamy melody and almost cinematic lyrics, with references to icons like Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen.

Earlier this year in January, Adams released her first EP Good at Being Young and this is the first track of her upcoming debut record Bullseye.

2. Celeste — Hear My Voice

With singles as “Stop This Flame”, “Little Runway”, and “I Can See the Change” being played over and over on the radio, the British soul singer Celeste is a force to be reckoned with. After winning BBC’s Sound of 2020 with her amazing voice, her career really took off.

And although her debut album was postponed to January 2021 due to COVID-19, she now treats us to an orchestral, emotional sound with “Hear My Voice”. It’s part of the soundtrack for The Trial of the Chicago 7, a Netflix film about the protests against the Vietnam War in 1968, premiering on 16 October.

3. Dreamer Boy — Crybaby

Meet another rising star from Nashville on our list: Dreamer Boy. His new tune “Crybaby” brings sweet nostalgia to our childhood and reminds us of our favs, The 1975. The track arrived with a psychedelic, retro-styled video that makes us feel like a child again: jumping on a trampoline, riding a bike, and spinning in circles. “Crybaby” is about pouring out bottled-up emotions and the freeing feeling that comes from that.

“Crybaby” is Dreamer Boy’s second single this year, following in the footsteps of “Know You”, a nostalgic song with mesmerizing synths. Stay tuned to hear more from the indie genius.


4. Boh Doran — On Fire

American singer-songwriter and producer Boh Doran is a fun explosion of alternative indie, dreamy new wave, dance, and pop. She started with a band in college but eventually moved to LA to pursue a solo career, which is now slowly lifting off the ground.

Not only did she do the vocals, keys, and guitars for her new music release “On Fire”, she also wrote and produced this bop. Although the song sounds a bit generic, it’s catchy and makes us want to hang out with her. Especially because Boh strongly stands for women finding their voice and making a mark in the world, and that’s also the theme of this sound. You go, girl!



These six 21-year-olds from New York could become the next big thing. The pop collective MICHELLE arrived in 2018 with its refreshing debut record HEATWAVE. After two years of refining their music, they returned this summer with the catchy single “SUNRISE”. Now, their R&B-infused pop sound is back with their second song of this year: “UNBOUND”. Because of the sleek synths and great melody, this tune will get stuck in your head.

Besides dropping bangers, this group also tries to break taboos by openly discussing their different migration backgrounds and different sexualities.

6. YUNGBLUD — cotton candy

What is it with all these artists not capitalizing their songs anymore? Either way, with “cotton candy”, YUNGBLUD brings us a sweet Valentine’s song during fall, and we’re all here for it. Emerging from the north of England, YUNGBLUD is determined to put his stamp on today’s music and he does so by combining poetry with alternative rock. “cotton candy” is an exciting preview of his new project Weird!, coming on 13 November.

7. abrahamblue — deserve

Antwerp singer, producer, composer, and visual artist abrahamblue has his roots in the Middle East and deserves a moment in the spotlights. In 2015, he won the title of ‘Most Promising Artist’ at the Redbull Elektropedia Awards and his recent work “deserve” proves that he earned that title. His lyrics are quite simple, as he repeats “shit” again and again, but he convinces us with his mellowly, R&B vibe. This summer, he dropped his debut single “Hoops”, in which he opened up about his struggles with finding himself and chasing his dreams.

8. Fia Moon — Let This Go

Leave behind all negative things and look forward to the future, that’s Irish singer Fia Moon’s message in her new sound “Let This Go”. Lyrics we can all relate to, right? Her debut mixtape is ready to be released, and we’re stoked about it after already hearing “better days”, “XX” and now the newest addition, “Let This Go”. Fia Moon looks at R&B and Soul from a pop perspective and provides us with sweet vocals and great hooks, creating earworm pop songs we can’t get enough from.

9. Izzy Bizu — MG ft. Dom McAllister

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of Izzy Bizu’s second album. The British singer became promising after “White Tiger” became a huge hit in Europe in 2015. With her debut body of work A Moment of Madness, she gained a loyal fanbase. 2020 is the year of her big come-back with a renewed sound.

For her third release this year, “MG”, she received help from London’s singer-songwriter Dom McAllister, who was also her support act during her European Tour.  “MG” is a catchy piece of pop, R&B, and Soul, which instantly makes us want to happily dance along.

10. JWLDMS — Shattered/Relapse

Jewel Dimes, also known under the acronym JWLDMS, is an upcoming Belgian artist from Antwerp. Today, she released her EP 307, with seven new sounds. The release date isn’t random as it’s World Mental Health Day and self-love and mental health issues are the main themes of this important work.

“Shattered/Relapse” is one of 307’s songs, and we recognize her sound by soulful elements and very strong storytelling lyrics. Worth a listen, for sure!

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