26 Jun

10 New Music Releases You Have to Listen to Today

Open your Spotify, and all you will see is new music. A lot of artists decided to release some new tracks or albums. To find your way through the jungle of new songs, we’ve created a list of our ten favorite new releases that you have to listen to today.

1. Bring Me The Horizon — Parasite Eve

The British heavy rock band Bring Me The Horizon has returned with a new single! The innovating “Parasite Eve” is very promising and makes us eager for more music. It’s a perfect mix between their old, harsher sound and the more recent synthy sounds we’ve grown to love. We could already follow the process of their new music on their YouTube channel where they uploaded vlogs.

Originally, the song had nothing to do with the current corona crisis, but that changed when the lockdown tightened. Keep your ears open, because Bring Me The Horizon will be releasing four different records under the name Post Human. We can’t wait!

2. Oh Wonder — Don’t You Worry

Earlier this year, we met up with Oh Wonder in a hotel in Brussels to talk about their careers so far. Since then, the London-based duo has kept busy. Today, they released an EP Home Tapes, which features the intimate single “Don’t You Worry”. Although it’s not the most energetic track, the calm vibes make this song perfect to put on in the background while reading a book.

3. Blackpink — How You Like That

Blackpink has finally released a new single and it’s an instant banger! Their huge fanbase was left empty-handed for quite some time as it’s been two long years since the South-Korean girl group released any new music. We could already feel a comeback approaching after their incredible collaboration with Lady Gaga in “Sour Candy”. And now, our hopes have been fulfilled.

The group’s newest single “How You Like That” immediately grabbed our attention within the first few seconds. Although we can’t understand half of the song’s lyrics, this song is a fucking vibe and immediately makes us want to dance around the office.

4. Nothing But Thieves — Real Love Song

The British Nothing But Thieves made their comeback not too long ago with “Is Everybody Going Crazy?” and have recently released a second single called “Real Love Song”. The song is on the slower side but still manages to give off that cool rock-vibe. Front singer Conor Mason’s voice reminds us of Muse’s Matthew Bellamy. Love it or hate it, we choose to love it.

5. Melanie Martinez — Fire Drill

Melanie Martinez is music’s sweetheart with an edge. The American singer’s voice is instantly recognizable in her songs that sound like cute nursery rhymes with a slightly creepy feeling.

“Fire Drill” talks about fake friends, childhood bullies, and seeking for attention. The newest single might be a reference to Martinez’s previous ex-friend who accused her of sexual harassment. It all turned out to be a hoax as her friend is known to be very attention-seeking.

6. LÉON — And It Breaks My Heart

LÉON just released a gorgeous new single “And It Breaks My Heart”. The Swedish singer loves creating melancholic songs that feature touches of classical music, and this one is no different. Still, it’s a gorgeous and fresh song that evokes lots of emotions.

She only released her debut album LÉON last year, but the singer is obviously ready for another one. “And it Breaks My Heart” is the third single she’s released already, and we can slowly start to feel her second album taking shape.

7. The Chicks — March March

After not making music for thirteen years, the Dixie Chicks — now called The Chicks — have returned. The band was urged to delete the “Dixie” in their name because it’s a word often associated with slavery. With their third single “March March” we’ve fallen in love with the band all over again.

It’s an empowering song that criticizes the current American society. It talks about the Black Lives Matter protests that have been going on recently but also looks back on previous protests throughout the years. Of course, gun violence is also talked about since it’s still a big problem in America. The Chicks definitely succeeded in making a song that matters while also making a song that sounds great.

8. Lauv — Dishes

Lauv is already back again with new music. The American singer released his debut studio album ~how i’m feeling~ back in March and now released a four-track EP called Without Love. The single “Dishes” is a cute song and slower than the tracks on his previous album. We don’t mind it, though! It’s a vibey song that’s guaranteed to be stuck in your head while washing the dishes. Thank you, Lauv!

9. Tessa Violet — Bored (ft. Misterwives)

Tessa Violet’s “Bored” is the anthem we’ve been looking for this summer holiday. With not having many opportunities to mingle or travel, we’re definitely going to feel bored a lot. Luckily, Tessa gives us an opportunity to whine about the situation in song!

The American pop singer collaborated with American indie pop band Misterwives on a new version of the fun single. The addition of Mandy Lee’s amazing vocals definitely enhanced the song even more!

10. Trevor Daniel — Past Life (ft. Selena Gomez)

Trevor Daniel released his debut album Nicotine just a few months ago. In an interview we did with the rising star, he told us he is here to stay. And he sure is! He just released a remix of his song “Past Life” featuring none other than Selena Gomez. The lyrics talk about letting go of who you were in the past, taking care of your mental health, and overall just letting go of toxic relationships.

Co-written by Femke Lippens and Janne Schellingen

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