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23 Apr

10 New Songs That You Should Add to Your Playlist

It’s the end of the workweek, and you know what that means: our weekly round-up of the best new song releases you should add to your playlist. To make it easy on you, we put all our highlighted songs in a Spotify playlist, so follow us there if you haven’t already! Scroll down to check out the ten new songs we’re going to be playing on repeat all weekend long.

1. Eefje De Visser — Storm

The Dutch singer Eefje De Visser released her astonishing album Bitterzoet last year and won one award after the other for her fourth record. To keep the album era alive, De Visser gifted us a brand-new song that brilliantly connects with the songs of Bitterzoet.

“Storm” feels like a tropical encounter with your inner soul and has some dreamy synths that don’t miss their impact. At this point, we’re even wondering if Eefje De Visser will ever release a bad song because “Storm” is once again a musical rollercoaster.

2. Luna Morgenstern — In My Head

Germany-born, Amsterdam-based pop producer and songwriter Luna Morgenstern is the mastermind behind some of Europe’s biggest dance tracks. On Wednesday, April 21, she released her single “In My Head” and its accompanying music video to announce the release of her debut EP Taking The Blow, coming out July 8.

Luna Morgenstern’s new single is a self-therapy session, which was triggered by the sudden stillness and panic of the pandemic. She wrote the song at the beginning of the first lockdown, to reflect on how she dealt with losing her mother. For the cinematic video, Luna wanted to show the struggle of a young woman denying her feelings and finding other ways to relieve that pain. The result is a single that stays in our head with its escapism and pop melodies, making us reflect on what we’ve been avoiding as well.

3. Patches — road to ruin

In October of last year, Patches graced us with her debut EP Hot Enough and stimulated all our senses with her sensual tracks. Luckily, we don’t need to wait any longer for new music of the Belgian artist because a new EP is said to be out later this year.

“road to ruin” is a very minimalistic yet sophisticated song with a great sense of thrill and calmness. Everything about “road to ruin” is so captivating: from the haunting vocals to the strong production. We wouldn’t be surprised if this track would be Patches’ road to great success …

4. Ivori Moss — Dreamer

The Belgian band Ivori Moss is pretty new on the scene, consisting of Aline Goffin and her cousins Sander and Jasper Bullynck. If that last name sounds familiar, that’s because he’s the guitarist of Oscar and The Wolf. After their debut “What If”, Ivori Moss is back with a second sneak peek “Dreamer”, which sheds a light on highly sensitive people (HSP).

Highly sensitive people are often misunderstood in our society and labeled too emotional, but when a friend of singer Aline Goffin turned out to be highly sensitive, she wrote the basis of “Dreamer”. Ivori Moss ended up with a song that starts of simple but steadily builds up and pays off in the end. We want more, and luckily Ivori Moss is releasing their debut EP in June. We can’t wait!

5. Aziya — Heaven For Me

London-based singer and model Aziya already made a name for herself posting riff-heavy covers online in 2020 of artists like Tame Impala and Kate Bush. Earlier this year, she stormed on the scene with her debut single “Slip”, which caught the attention of Vogue, Billboard, and FADER (just to name a few). Aziya’s now back with a second track, “Heaven For Me”, which will be featured on her forthcoming debut EP arriving this summer via Platoon.

“Heaven For Me” is a mixture of badass guitar riffs with soft edges, drums lifting us to higher ground, and a psychedelic sound. The accompanying music video plays into that psychedelic sound and delivers an entrancing story. Honestly, we can’t wait to hear her next track because we’re hooked.

6. Drew Lucas — Put Your Thoughts On Me Instead

NYC-based indie-pop artist Drew Lucas has been busy during quarantine. He wrote his newest single “Put Your Thoughts On Me Instead” in the basement of his childhood home and later produced the matching music video himself. Although it’s a product of self-isolation, this track makes you want to lay on a beach with friends and a filled red cup as well. (Side note: Drew couldn’t find a beach in New York, so he shot the video on an empty baseball field)

What began as a lively dance track flourished out into an exploration of young adulthood and the fears and anxiety that come along with it. PYTOMI is about the internal fight between thinking and living, a fight many of us had in the past year. Lucas hopes that this song encourages people to enjoy the small moments in life without being caught up in fear and uncertainty.

7. Deb Never — Sorry 

LA-based Deb Never just released her newest single “Sorry” talking about not being sorry in the most dreamy and calm way. After feeling stuck in Los Angeles due to the pandemic, she temporarily relocated to London to create her music. And we are not disappointed she did. This song feels like a sad story that kind of makes you happy and relaxed. 

As a rising star, she has won a few awards for being a new artist with a remarkable tone. I-D Magazine said it best, “Disarming energy comes clad in a simple black hoodie, dirty Converse, and infectious laugh, it only makes her complex lyrics and raw voice that much more bewitching.”And we totally agree with that.


Whenever someone describes their music as a blend of hyper pop legends like Charli XCX, Kim Petras, or Slayyyter, we’re always down to give the song a listen. The Birmingham-based pop princess SADGITTARIASS is our newest discovery we need to introduce to you.

Her debut single “WEDNESDAY” is a flirty love song in which the upcoming singer plays with autotune and a quirky soundscape, which always works! Hyper pop has a special place in our hearts and SADGITTARIASS is ready to snatch a spot in your vital organ as well.

9. Mustii — Alien

The Belgian performer Mustii proved over the last years that he’s far from a one-trick pony by repeatedly reinventing himself. Following his first LP 21st Century Boys in 2018, the artist made an impact in the feature movie Premier de la classe and dazzled everyone with his modern interpretation of the Shakespeare classic Hamlet.

“Alien” is his musical comeback and sees him head in a new direction. The sound is much more bombastic thanks to a great number of guitars and underlines the heaviness of the story he wants to tell. For his new album, he’s getting in the skin of his uncle who committed suicide ten years ago after battling with schizophrenia. “Alien” is only the first taste and already left us speechless.

10. LCY — Teeth

Don’t let LCY’s angelic appearance fool you, their music is much darker than you’d expect and hits every mark. Their new EP Pulling Teeth was almost two years in the making and is based on traditional Irish lore, fantasy soundtracks, and the books of Mary Shelley.

For Pulling Teeth, LCY created the fictional character Ériu with the lead single “Teeth” representing the birth and creation of the main character. The dystopian sounds and slightly abstract build-up lets your mind transcend to another universe.

Photo: Daniil Lavrovski (Mustii)

Co-written by Maxim Meyer-Horn and Jade Dierckx

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