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12 Feb

10 New Tracks to Rock Your Weekend

Longing to discover new music to listen to while walking in the snow this weekend? Don’t look any further, we’ve got you covered. After thorough research and curation, we’ve selected 10 little gems that will make your day, brought to you on a red velvet pillow! As usual, each track is available to stream via our Spotify playlist, so make sure to give it a follow if you haven’t yet. 

1. Dua Lipa – We’re Good

Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia was without any doubt one of the biggest albums of the year and is a strong contender to take home some Grammy’s. While Covid-19 hindered her from going on a world tour to promote her pop masterpiece in giant arena’s, she continued to release song after song.

In between all the partying and going on vacations, Dua took her time to work on Future Nostalgia: The Moonlight Edition including the new single “We’re Good”. Instead of focussing on 80’s disco, miss Lipa seemed to be inspired by 80’s pop ballads and it works. It’s a totally new side of this era, and we’re excited we get to hear  it.


When you think that you’ve already seen and heard everything in pop music, wait until you discover FAANGS. The 22 years old Canadian singer is an absolute joy to keep an eye on because her visuals and style are definitely in sync with her refreshing pop melodies.

The twist between sinister and colorful makes FAANGS an exciting act that grabs your attention in her new single “RELAPSE”. The dark synths and the incredibly cool vocals just indicate that she’s a force to reckon with and the visuals of “RELAPSE” give us the feeling we’re witnessing the rise of a future superstar.

3. Jesswar – Medusa

It’s only a matter of time before you fall under the spell of Jesswar, your soon-to-be favorite Fijian rapper. Gifted with a powerful flow and strong artistic convictions, she has always put authenticity at the center of her musical project: her music is raw, unapologetic, and deeply honest.

Characterized by thoughtful and empowering lyrics, her latest single does great justice to her previous material. Titled “Medusa”, it serves as a call for Pasifika women to stand up and works as a great channel for the artist to tell her own story. The music video that accompanies the track perfectly embodies these notions, and gives the tone of Jesswar’s upcoming EP “TROPIXX”,  out on March 5th. We can’t wait.

4. KTJ & CARLY – Cherry Coke

Following a string of successful singles, the American duo KTJ & CARLY released their debut EP “Identity” in late 2020. This week, they return with the provocative yet dazzling new single “Cherry Coke”, blending genres and influences ranging from EDM and pop to RnB and soul.

The song starts with electric guitars and a powerful bass line coated in rebellious, slightly cracked vocals to eventually give way to the anthemic chorus, characterized by intricate harmonies and tremendous energy. Depicting the bittersweet feeling of wanting something bad, “Cherry Coke” will have you back for some more. A song you listen to in the car, windows wide open.

5. Carlie Hanson – I Hate Your Room

Carlie Hanson’s climb to become a singer reads like a true fairytale. In a not too long ago past, she was occupied in a Mcdonald’s as a cashier. Instead of serving burgers, she’s now serving bangers that are spicy, saucy, and raw. Her pop-punk is more popular than ever before and landed her the title of the Avril Lavigne of generation Z.

Carlie Hanson loves mixing pop structures with some good guitars riffs, which sounds pretty dope on “I Hate Your Room”. The song is fated to become a fan favorite and would be the perfect song for a new TikTok trend. Cool kids will adore this new track as much as we do!

6. Lyna – Missy

Surrounding yourself with the right people is the key to success and that’s something Lyna knows for sure if you look at her stunning team. The Belgian artist is a musical whirlwind that has proved herself a couple of times over the past few years by releasing some great tunes.

Every time Lyna releases a new song, she’s offering us something new. “Missy” might be just over two minutes but it’s a real rollercoaster with a furious chorus and some raunchy verses. Lyna is stealing the show with her flawless attitude and hot production.

7. Sophie and The Giants – Right Now

Sophie and The Giants was a promising indie formation for quite some time but the band has undergone a true metamorphose. After scoring a giant hit with Purple Disco Machine, the band returns with a first foretaste of what’s coming up next.

“Hypnotised” has been reigning the dance charts for weeks and the band has put their mind on equaling the success with “Right Now”. The song is an energetic mood booster with a high earworm-factor. Sophie and The Giants aren’t reinventing music with their music but they manage to come across as very charming and positive.

8. Abbie Ozard – breakdowns

With her latest single “breakdowns”, Manchester-based artist Abbie Ozard proves to have more than one string up her bow: not only does she invite her audience to escape into her enchanting universe, Abbie also takes the opportunity to share an introspective message of truth and confession, depicting the way she and other people from her generation deal with their constant online presence.

Characterized by a smooth combination of electric guitars and humor indebted indie-pop sonorities, the track confirms the artist’s penchant for wistful coming of age stories and successfully sets the tone of her debut EP “Let’s Play Pretend”, released this morning via LAB Records. Now’s the time to check it out!

9. Ruel – too many feelings

Australia is one of the few countries that managed the Corona-crisis efficiently and was able to set up some big festivals in January. Since international artists are still not able to tour, they’ve used the opportunity to highlight their national talent with national pop treasure Ruel as one of the headliners of this season.

The young pop star is a crowd magnet in his country and steadily becomes a star in the rest of the world. “too many feelings” is another reason why he deserves to rise to the top because the cute pop song is everything pop fans love. It’s a little bit cheesy, but that makes it even more adorable in this case.

10. CIEL – Pretty Face

2020 wasn’t all bad for Brighton-based alt-pop trio CIEL. After dropping their well-acclaimed EP “Movements”, the band unveiled “All My Life”, steadily making a name for themselves within the British music scene. This week, CIEL returns with the utterly catchy “Pretty Face”, offering their audience a one-way ticket to their singular environment.

Depicting the sinister story of a man losing his wife to a cult, the track is characterized by nostalgic and youthful tones, scattered with hints of shoegaze and dream-pop textures. An irresistible earworm that won’t leave your head till you go to bed.

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