Inspiring women on Instagram in 2018


11 Women Who Inspired Us on Instagram in 2018

Another year has almost passed. That means the time has arrived to create a few lists so we don’t forget the great things 2018 brought to us. A lot has been said about influencers or whatever we should call the generation of popular users on the social media source called Instagram. There indeed is a huge amount of crap out there, but let’s end this year on a high note. Whether it’s for their personal style, great sense of humor, inspirational quotes or personality, these are eleven women who inspired us on Instagram in 2018.

Inspiring women on Instagram in 2018

Eleonora Carisi

Why you should follow her: Eleonora is the definition of Italian elegance with an edge. She’s a boss lady with an own agency and is killing the street style game.

Instagram: @eleonoracarisi

Inspiring women on Instagram in 2018

Jennifer Grace

Why you should follow her: Nobody does high end fashion like @thenativefox. Think Y/Project, Balenciaga, Vetements and more. Fun fact, she follows us on instagram!

Instagram: @thenativefox

Inspiring women on Instagram in 2018

Leena Alghouti

Why you should follow her: There are thousands of style bloggers wearing the hijab scarf, but Leena is special. Her avant-garde sense of style and eyewear obsession are more intriguing and less expected. This lady works in inspiring ways.

Instagram: @leenalghouti 

Inspiring women on Instagram in 2018

Rupi Kaur

Why you should follow her: Ever wondered where the Milk and Honey quotes on Pinterest come from? Well… meet Rupi Kaur. She’s only 26 and already a #1 New York Times bestselling author and illustrator. In times where we have to keep up appearances, she dares to focus on the inside.

Instagram: @rupikaur_

Inspiring women on Instagram in 2018


Why you should follow her: To be honest, we barely know anything about this lady. The only things we know is that she’s Chinese and that she has an impeccable sense of style.

Instagram: @fengfan_x

Inspiring women on Instagram in 2018

Jazzelle Zanaughtti

Why you should follow her: She’s one of the world’s most wanted models, Rihanna’s muse and an icon when it comes to being different. A must follow, if you ask us.

Instagram: @uglyworldwide

11 female influencers who inspired us in 2018

Celeste Barber

Why you should follow her: She’s the best at making fun of fashion people who take themselves too seriously. Also, look for that Tom Ford video, it’s hilarious!

Instagram: @celestebarber

Inspiring women on Instagram in 2018

Blanca Miró Scrimieri

Why you should follow her: This Spanish stylist, fashion consultant and social media strategist, manages to have an eclectic personal style like no other. Unlike a lot of influencers she doesn’t blindly follow the trends. She creates them.

Instagram: @blancamiro 

Inspiring women on Instagram in 2018

Aleali May

Why you should follow her: Aleali is most known for her street style looks during fashion week. She is the first woman to team up with Nike’s Jordan brand and release a sneaker with both men’s and women’s sizing.

Instagram: @alealimay

Inspiring women on Instagram in 2018

Tamu McPherson

Why you should follow her: Tamu McPherson is born in Jamaica, moved to the U.S. and is currently living in Italy. She’s a stylish mom, used to be a lawyer and is now an editor running her own blog and Instagram. In short, she’s a paragon of how to shape your own life and follow your passions.

Instagram: @tamumcpherson

Inspiring women on Instagram in 2018

Reese Blutstein

Why you should follow her: Reese Blustein, is a 22-year-old from Atlanta. Known for showing off her style in the most authentic way possible and never overdoing it, Reese had us hooked on her Instagram account this year. She’s funny and doesn’t dress like your mainstream style blogger.

Instagram: @double3xposure

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