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14 Aug

12 Acts on This Year’s Pukkelpop Bill You Should Definitely Check Out

Festival season has been great so far and we had the chance to talk to some celebrated acts like Bastille, Yungblud or Koffee. This week, we’re heading to Pukkelpop, our last major festival this season, for more interviews and we really can’t wait to see all the amazing acts that are on the bill. To guide you through their massive line-up, we’re sharing our favorite acts on this year’s poster.

Ruby Grace

In the beginning of this year, we shared a list with five upcoming acts to keep an eye on this year and one of them was the Belgian singer Ruby Grace. If you love the Spice Girls, Manga and a little touch of kitsch, you can’t miss her show.

Ruby Grace performs on Thursday 15 August at 19:00 in the Club.

Nilüfer Yanya

The path that British artist Nilüfer Yanya is walking at the moment is absolutely remarkable. In May, Yanya dropped her impeccable debut album Miss Universe. Her songwriting is deep, poetical and moving, but is most of all true to her authentic self.

Nilüfer Yanya will perform on Friday 16 August at 13:30 in the Club.

Loyle Carner

Loyle Carner is currently one of the most interesting acts of the British urban scene. Carner’s show at Glastonbury was praised as one of the best of the weekend and we’re sure he’s ready to do it all over again at Pukkelpop.

Loyle Carner performs on Friday 16 August at 19:30 in the Dance Hall.

Blu Samu

This year, Blu Samu is debuting at Pukkelpop and has the task to open a day. With her mix between hip hop, soul and R&B, we’re sure that this will be an easy job for Samu. Take it from us, Blu Samu is a fantastic performer and will amaze us all with her high energy.

Blu Samu will perform on Friday 16 August at 14:05 at the Dance Hall.

Dermot Kennedy

The next big, male voice has arrived with the Irish singer Dermot Kennedy. The breakout star is called the new Ed Sheeran and could soon sell-out arenas all over the globe. Make sure you check him out before it’s too late.

Dermot Kennedy will perform on Friday 16 August at 17:40 in the Marquee.

Jorja Smith

There aren’t many R&B-diva’s left nowadays, but Jorja Smith can be named one. Not because of her attitude, because she’s actually extremely nice, but because of her huge voice that can fills every single room. Definitely a must-watch this year!

Jorja Smith will perform on Saturday 17 August at 19:30 in the Marquee.

Barny Fletcher

Having a superstar like Dua Lipa as one of your biggest fans is always a big advantage and is something that could make Barny Fletcher a heavyweight in music very soon. With his debut mixtape CANVAS2033 he already proved he has the talent to become big. Let’s see if he’s delivering in his Belgian live debut.

Barny Fletcher will perform on Saturday 17 August at 12:10 in the Dance Hall.

The Subs

The Belgian electro-pioneers The Subs have reinvented themselves and are keen to present their new show at Pukkelpop. With new songs that feature our friends Glints and Dvtch Norris, we’re sure that they’ll bring the party to the festival. You can expect a visual show with lots of surprises and maybe some special guests.

The Subs will perform on Saturday 17 August at 19:25 in the Dance Hall.


Poppy is a phenomenon. Walking a thin line between being a person and adapting the persona of a robot, this project is extremely interesting, thanks to the mystery that is floating around it. Diplo, Grimes and Charlotte are fan and we’re in love with her too.

Poppy will perform on Sunday 18 August at 12:50 in the Dance Hall.

Tommy Genesis

The Canadian rapper Tommy Genesis has made a name for herself with her addictive underground rap, that can’t be put into a box. Freedom, sexiness and self-expression have always been the key elements in her songwriting. Let’s see if she can deliver the same vibe live.

Tommy Genesis will perform on Sunday 18 August at 14:15 in the Dance Hall.

Charli XCX

We’re going to be honest. Charli XCX is by far one of our favorite artists on this planet and has released some groundbreaking songs that will be appreciated even more in the future. The trendsetter will release her third album Charli in September and will already perform some new songs. We’ll see you front row?

Charli XCX will perform on Sunday 18 August at 19:40 in the Dance Hall.

Billie Eilish

Save the best for last. Billie Eilish is without any discussion the biggest artist of the moment. Her debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, which she teased in our exclusive interview with her, has impressed the whole world and made the buzz around her persona even bigger. Will she live up to the hype?

Billie Eilish will perform on Sunday 17 August at 15:05 at the Main Stage.

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