Christmas wishes 2017


3 Things We Wish for You This Christmas (And Every Other Day of the Year)

Yups, the 25th of December, also known as Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year,… is near. Gifts are packed, trees decorated and parties planned. Team ENFNTS TERRIBLES saw this as an ideal opportunity to thank you guys very much for reading us, following us, liking us. We love you long time!

But our name wouldn’t be ENFNTS TERRIBLES if we didn’t see Christmas as a time to also reflect on certain topics. What we wish… with a twist:

A delicious meal

Intrinsically linked to Christmas is food, loads of food. Because honestly, nothing is more cosy than sitting together at a table and sharing a delicious meal. There’s just one major downside: all those precious animals that were born, raised and killed just because we’re too stubborn to come up with alternatives. We’re all busy discussing good causes over plates filled with a lamb that never had the chance to have a proper life of its own. Think about it.

Christmas Wishes

Vegan Christmas roast

A stylish outfit

We’re not really into the ugly Christmas sweaters but we do like matching our looks to the Christmas vibe. Like these red and green ton-sur-ton outfits underneath. The good thing is you can wear these items separately, all year long. Avoid buying another dress / sweater / skirt for $20 you can only wear once.

Good times with friends & family

What makes this life worth living: family and friends. Especially during Christmas our relationships with those who are close to us are highlighted. That’s why it’s called the most wonderful time of the year. But not everyone is lucky to be surrounded by loads of love. Or some might go through a rough time that gets extra rough when confronted with all that love. So remember to be extra kind to everyone, in life it’s all about the small gestures.

And last but not least: stay healthy! Enjoy you guys… merry Christmas.

Photo credits: The Spruce, Stargate Wikia, Wikipedia, Pinterest

Christmas wishes 2017



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