Five 90's beauty trends that are still alive and kicking


23 Sep

4 nineties beauty trends that are still alive and kicking

It is a known fact: the 90s are back. Chokers, crop tops and now even bike shorts (yes, Kim K, we’re looking at you), popped up again in the fashion scene, and of course, our beauty game had to follow. Here are 4 typical beauty trends that either survived or just came back from the beauty graveyard. Let’s get into it!

Metallic everything

Yep, after a couple of years of all things matte, the metallic craze has now returned. Frosty lips or shiny eyes, more is more! In the latest Mac x Star Trek collection, there were no less than four frosty metallic shades, and there are now even metallic liquid lipsticks on the market. Shine bright like a diamond, baby!

Go grunge or go home

Another nineties beauty trend that hasn’t aged a day is the grunge trend. Messy smokey eyes and dark vampy lipsticks were all the rage in the nineties, and we still see celebrities all over the place rocking the look. Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani and even the fictional character Jane Lane (remember her?) were some of the true grunge icons, and we still get some serious inspiration from them.

Five 90's beauty trends that are still alive and kicking

The French mani remastered

French manicures must be one of the most iconic nail looks in beauty history. In the nineties they were the way to go, but people kind of forgot about them, until now. Yep, you read that right, the french tips are back! But, they’re back with a twist. If you want to do a French mani anno 2016, you pick colours instead of the traditional nude-white. It’s classy, it’s fun, it’s trendy and it’s very easy! Sounds like a win-win to us.

Messy rainbow hair, do care!

Messy hair, preferably in pastel colours like pink and purple, were the go-to hairstyle for anyone who wanted to be cool in the 90s. Almost twenty years later, we are still very into the fresh-out-of-bed-look, and pastel do’s keep flooding our pinterest boards. Colourlovers in this day and age go for a rose gold wash, messy waves and lots of texture (hello, dry shampoo!). Yes, please!

What 90s beauty trend do you still rock from time to time? And what trend has been a definite no go for you?  Let us know!

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Five 90's beauty trends that are still alive and kicking

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