5 Series to watch on lazy Sundays


30 Oct
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4 more series to watch on lazy sundays

How is your lazy Sunday going so far? If today the plans are to stay glued to your couch or bed watching numerous episodes. With tons of comfort food. Enfnts Terribles got your back. Besides “Keeping up with the Kardashian” there are much more educational, sensational and funnier series airing on lazy Sundays. So instead of having to make your mind go blank, you can learn a few things about politics, criminality and social matters by only watching better series. To that end let’s go over 4 more series to watch on lazy Sundays.

Secret and lies

If you’re sick of all those crime dramas with the same type of old male nosy/mysterious detectives. We can absolutely understand your frustration. But do not take it for granted because female detective Andrea Cornell (right on the picture) can solve some cases too.

In ABC’s upcoming mystery series every season one case is solved. That makes a better storyline than your basic CSI Miami, New York and others. In season 1 Ben Garner (left on the photo) is a model citizen who is suspected of murder after he discovers the neighbor’s dead son in the woods. From there detective, Andrea Cornell does everything in her power to get to the bottom of this case.


Madam Secretary

It had to take CBS to make a series out of the personal and professional life of a beatnik female secretary of state. Elizabeth McCord, especially in this period of time, reminds you of Hillary Clinton over and over again. She juggles to keep her extremely challenging job in balance with her complex family life. Next to Scandal and House of cards, this political drama soap will keep your lazy Sundays interesting and educational.


A new HBO comedy that airs weekly on Sundays started on October 9. Although the title speaks for itself it tells us more about Issa and Molly. Two black women who share their friendship, experiences and tribulations. If you didn’t know Issa, she’s known as the HBO’s most awkward black woman. And her role is moving people all over the United States.

Masters of Sex

3 years ago SHOWTIME broadcasted a drama soap called Masters of Sex also nominated for a Golden Globe award. The story revolves around the unusual lives, romance and pop culture trajectory of doctor William Masters and his assistant Virginia Johnson. Two pioneers of the science of human sexuality.

As awkward as their research was in that time and we’re talking about the 50’s and 60’s. They managed to blow up the sexual revolution. By doing so they signed their ticket from a mid-western teaching hospital in St. Louis to the cover of Time magazine.

Photo credit: USA Today, Hitfix, HBO, CBS, ABC


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