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13 Dec

5 Celebrity Beauty Brands That Are Totally Worth The Hype

It’s winter! You’ve probably decked out your closet with your winter wardrobe by now, but what about your skincare and make-up game? Maybe it’s time to show your skin a little more TLC this season. We’re diving extensively into 5 celebrity beauty brands that are totally worth the hype. Indulge!


Glossier is perhaps more of a cult beauty brand than a celebrity beauty brand. However, Glossier’s founder and CEO Emily Weiss racked up a massive following before launching her first product set, making her kind of eligible as a celeb beauty brand.

Her following is thanks to, Weiss’ website where she wrote about all things cult-y beauty and peeked into the bathrooms cabinets and make-up bags of actresses, models, beauty professionals and other interesting women du jour. At the start, Weiss combined writing for the website with her career as an assistant at Vogue US. With the instant success of the website, she was able to focus all of her time on it pretty quickly, leaving Vogue. All of that writing about beauty products that really work (Weiss’ mission statement) made her hungrier for more.

After developing the first batch of products, with the help of her loyal following, Weiss’ unleashed Glossier into the world in 2014. Glossier aims at making all of those “best of” products on Into The Gloss sort of come together in one all-inclusive line. In a world of heavy contouring, constant streams of news, trends and all kinds of things you’re supposed to be doing according to others, Glossier aims to be more of a warm hug from an older sister. Comforting and with the simple advise to just do you.

The result? An incredible range of skincare products for face and body, fragrance and realistic make-up products that just do what they say. No pressure to be perfect, Glossier aims at a perfectly imperfect self. You won’t be seeing an advertisement for Glossier mascara where the woman in the advertisement is clearly wearing false eyelashes. Glossier started from a real and authentic place and made that their core values and advertisement aesthetic. We adore!

Glossier is currently available at in the US, Canada and the UK. In Europe, Glossier is currently only available at Colette in Paris until December 20th 2017. A French e-store (please expand to the rest of Europe dear Glossier!) is set to follow in early 2018.


Ah! The Queen of Pop herself, Madonna, source of eternal inspiration. Much has been said and written about the popstar’s appearance, in recent years she’s been rumoured to have had some surgical help, not that it matters to us. The one thing even the best dermatologists or cosmetic fillers can’t recreate is effortlessly glowing, clear skin. That comes down to self care (drink your water y’all) and a good skincare regimen. You can’t take it away from Madonna, her incredible catalogue of music, performances and a glowing complexion are entirely hers.

Enter the MDNA Skin brand, named after one of her albums (MDNA, released in 2012). The pop goddess first released her beauty product line to the Japanese market in 2014 to rave reviews. After expanding slowly into other Asian territory, it has finally launched at Barney’s this fall. The skincare label’s main focus ingredient is mineral-rich thermal water sourced in Montecatini, Italy. Whoever said water is the new gold wasn’t lying because all of that liquid goodness does come with a hefty price tag, we must admit.

Madonna used to be a big fan of Japanese make-up artist of the eponymous brand Shu Uemura, swearing by his products for both her live shows and daily beauty routine. Much like MDNA Skin’s philosophy, Uemura also believed water of outstanding quality was the key to brilliant skincare. He sourced water from Muroto’s Deep Sea sources in Japan for his line of Depsea skincare. Since Shu Uemura’s death and beauty giant L’Oréal taking over the line of the same name and changing it over time, Madonna has slowly been pulling away from the brand. If you’re Madonna and a brand no longer creates the products that you love, you can just develop your own. Score!

The MDNA line currently includes a face wash, rose-scented toner, hydrating serum, finishing moisturising cream, eye mask and an incredible purifying clay mask that is designed to be removed with a magnetic dual-headed wand. This is luxury with a capital ‘L’. If you are able to indulge yourself in this fabulousness, we recommend the rose mist and the extravagant clay mask. Your skin will look like a virgin, touched for the very first time. We apologize for that lame joke.

MDNA Skin is currently exclusively available at Barney’s, who ship to over 90 countries and counting. In Asia, MDNA Skin is available at and local stockists.

Fenty Beauty

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no wifi signal recently, you probably already know about Fenty Beauty, the beauty line founded by pop superstar Rihanna. The hitmaker and our favorite bad gal was inspired to create the line, using luxury group Kendo as her partner in crime. After years of experimenting with the best-of-the-best in beauty, due to her status as pop royalty, she still saw a void in the industry for products that performed across all skin types and tones.

Even the biggest beauty companies often release a product in a select amount of shades, often mid-tone beiges, expanding the range only gradually over time. Riri said no more of that, not today satan. So since earlier this year, no matter what your skin tone is, Rihanna has got you covered, literally. The coverage of her first foundation, named Pro Filt’r, is exquisite and matches the lightest and the darkest amongst us. She launched a foundation in 40 (!) different shades. Upon first release. That is absolutely unmatched in the industry.

Result? Sold out. All the way out. The demand is much higher than supply so far. You better pon’ de replay in the Fenty factory Rih! The line is ever evolving with more products including eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, highlighters and much more. Our top-picks are the Pro Filt’r Foundation and matching primer, Invisimatte Blotting Powder, Killawatt Highlighters and the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, which truly looks stunning on anyone’s lips.

There have been brands who’ve catered towards all skintones before but the global impact of this release has been significant to say the least. It’s Rihanna, you already know she got us exactly what we want. Her newest range, a line of 14 matte lipsticks called Mattemoiselle, with shade names such as Clapback, drop December 26th.

Fenty Beauty is currently available at or Sepohora and Harvey Nichols stores.

Pat McGrath Labs

Don’t get it twisted. Pat McGrath is not a make-up artist. Pat McGrath is THE make-up artist. Anna Wintour once called her “the most influential makeup artist in the world.” Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II made her a Member of the Order of the British Empire for services to the fashion and beauty industry. She is world renowned, famous to the famous. Wonder woman McGrath has done it all, seen it all, probably created it all and still remains an endless vat of inspiration and craftsmanship. From beautifying Dior runway shows to Louis Vuitton runway shows, Vogue covers to i-D covers, Prada campaigns to Loewe campaigns, Kim Kardashian to Naomi Campbell… Pat is the busiest in the business.

McGrath has also developed cosmetic lines and created products for brands such as Giorgio Armani Max Factor, Dolce & Gabbana, CoverGirl, Aveda and SK-II. Global prayers from beauty lovers were finally answered when “mother” (Pat’s nickname given by celebs and models everywhere) announced the first product of her own brand, Pat McGrath Labs, back in 2015. Since then the line has grown expansively with experimental multi-purpose sets with elusive titles such as Skin Fetish 003, Lust 004 and Metalmorphosis 005 and slightly more traditional lipstick lines, lip & eye pencils and eyeshadow palettes.

This winter, McGrath added very exclusive (and very pricey) apparel to the delight of her fans. This brand is clearly Pat’s playground that knows no boundaries at all. This is where her artistry can go hand in hand with innovation and be free of restrictions of traditional brands and retailers expectations they have to comply with.

Take her first product Gold 001 for instance, a set of gold micropigments mixed with squalane, a chemical used mostly in skincare that causes slip. It’s completely adaptable for whatever look you’re going for and can be used wet or dry, with or without brushes.  “Use it as an eyeliner for a Studio 54 look, put it on top of an eyeshadow, blush or lipstick, or use it as a body paint!” McGrath said enthusiastically right before the release. Make-up experimentation from the woman who’s created about every memorable beauty look in recent fashion history? We’ll take it. Now.

Pat McGrath Labs is available at and select Sephora locations.

Alexa Chung For Eyeko

Alexa Chung’s je ne sais quoi and overall British coolness has landed her it-girl status a long time ago. Since modelling and just it-girling (which she kinda mocked with her debut book “It”, we love a sense of humor) Chung has released her eponymous fashion brand earlier this year. Before that, Alexa dived into the world of beauty with her collaboration for Eyeko, back in 2013.

Her “I just rolled out of bed” indie girl meets Jane Birkin on a holiday look was the ideal starting point for the collection. The small yet effective line was an immediate success and is still going strong, four years later. It is simply, that good. Chung is famous for her easy, somewhat “lazy” approach to make-up. She’s often photographed by paparazzi with just a winged cat-like eyeliner and some mascara. It’s no surprise that for her beauty range, she perfected those products to a T.

The shape of the Eye Do Liquid Liner’s tip and size was specifically designed by Chung for the precision to draw on the perfect cat eye. It’s deep black, waterproof and doesn’t even move on the waterline. The Eye Do Mascara is water resistant and full of lash-enhancing, plumping ingredients for that sixties thick, long, black lashed effect.

To top the collab off, Alexa created Me & My Shadow, a multi-purpose product designed for quick on-the-go eyes that act as an eye primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, highlighter and has a built-in blending and liner brush. It’s waterproof and seriously does not crease or move, even during the longest of days (we’ve tried it). Available in the colors Bronze, Charcoal, Chocolate, Quartz, Topaz and Taupe.

This capsule collaboration has gone on to win multiple industry prizes over the years and we sincerely hope they are continuing this collaboration for a lot longer.

Alexa Chung for Eyeko is available at or find a stockist here. Not mentioned on that list but Enfnts Terribles update: certain &Other Stories stores currently carry the line too.

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