Diane Theunissen

17 Feb

5 Common Laundry Mistakes and How to Do It Right

A brand-new jumper that shrinks, a bright red t-shirt that goes pink, a button that goes missing… It sucks, and you’ve probably experienced it all. After buying my first washing machine, a stylish freestanding washing machine from Asko, I realized doing laundry requires greater attention than you’d think.

In order to help you stay on top of your game and keep your wardrobe in shape, we’ve selected five common mistakes to avoid when hitting the laundromat. No biggie, you’ll thank us later!

1. Never button your shirts before washing them

If you’re a tidiness maniac, you’ll probably want to make sure those buttons are done before throwing your shirt in the washing machine. Unfortunately, this might not be a very good idea: when being washed, garments that are still buttoned will likely detach their threads, which will leave you with no buttons at all. Clearly, you don’t want that.

2. Try not to use too much laundry detergent

Bare in mind that more soap doesn’t go hand in hand with cleaner clothes. Not only does it make no difference to the quality of your washing, using too much detergent could also leave irritants on your garments and therefore cause severe rashes and skin problems.

3. Never ignore the washing instructions on the label

Due to timing constraints, a lapse in concentration or pure laziness, people sometimes skip the “dry-cleaning only” and “wash cold” instructions that appear on their garments. Whilst this is utterly human, it could also ruin your favorite delicate. Better think twice!

If you have an Asko washing machine — we love its Scandinavian design and there’s a five years guarantee — you’ll find a dozen of programs in your menu. Make sure to check them all and use the right program for each kind of garment or fabric.

4. Never leave zippers down

Remember what we said about leaving shirts unbuttoned when tossed in the washing machine? Well, with zippers, things are a little different: whenever you wish to clean your pants, shorts, dresses or anything that has a sharp and metallic bit attached to it, make sure to zip them up. That way, you’ll keep them from ripping on your favorite blouse in the process.

5. Try not to use fabric softener

We know you love that lavender smell taking over the whole apartment after you’re done drying your clothes, we do too. Here’s the truth, though: fabric softener can lead to severe allergies, whilst critically damaging our environment. Save yourself and the planet, use vinegar or reusable wool dryer balls instead!

In collaboration with Asko

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