Maxim Meyer-Horn

21 Oct 2021
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5 Restaurants You Need to Order At via TakeAway

We all know that feeling: you come home after a long day and the fridge is as empty as your stomach. When this occurs, you have two possibilities: you either cry yourself to sleep or you surf to to order the meal you’ve been longing for days. To make your next decision a bit easier, we selected the five best restaurants in Antwerp to order via

1. Poule & Poulette

Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner! A giant menu with the best chicken it has to offer? Poule & Poulette has everything: from wings to nuggets or a roasted chicken. Fans of traditional Flemish cuisine can try their vol-au-vent and burger fans can enjoy the famous chicken burger.

2. Wasbar

Bagel fans will be extremely happy with this tip. Wasbar offers six different, delicious bagels and ten bagel burgers that make your mouth water. Besides that, fresh soup or a good breakfast are also available and will get you happy in a heartbeat.

3. Greenway

Vegetarians often have limited options to eat out, but Greenway will make their life easier. The restaurant is specialized in plant-based food and has a great menu that has something for every taste. The best vegetarian and vegan options can be found here. I mean, who doesn’t love a good kebab or burger?

4. Bavet

A pasta a day keeps the doctor away. There’s no scientific proof for this assumption, but let’s say that that statement is 100% true. Bavet is your address if you want to eat a good spaghetti because their delicious pastas have the best sauces. You definitely need to try their ‘The Bavet’ if you’re looking for a bolognese that is as good as your grandmother’s.

5. Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant

The options at Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant are massive, which means the following: there’s something for everybody. Curry, dosa, tikka masala, tandoori kebab, … you will definitely find something that will leave you super happy.

Photo by Bavet 

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