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13 Jul 2020
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5 Special and Unusual Museums to Visit in Belgium

Are you planning an artsy trip around Belgium but have already seen all the classic museums? Don’t worry! We created a list of five special and unusual museums to soak up some fresh creativity!

1. DIVA, Antwerp Home of Diamonds (Antwerp)

As the wise Marilyn Monroe once said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” In DIVA, you get taken on a tour through the house of Diva, the embodiment of the museum’s aura. Her butler, Jérome, acts as your personal guide and will allow you a peek inside the various rooms where her most precious treasures are kept, and you’ll be able to admire them to your heart’s content. Because above all, DIVA regards her visitors as privileged guests, and she wants them to enjoy her wondrous world to the full.

600 objects from the DIVA collection are presented through staging, soundscapes, multimedia, and interactive DIY elements that give you a view into a universe of luxury, jewelry, and diamonds.

© DIVA/ Sven Coubergs

2. Claude Monet — The Immersive Experience (Brussels)

Do you remember that scene in Mary Poppins where they step into a painting on the ground? Well, you can do it too in the Claude Monet Immersive Experience! In this limited museum, you literally get submerged into more than 300 of the French painter’s masterpieces through mapping and virtual reality. The works of the founder of French impressionism get animated around your feet in 360°, which results in a unique combination of art and technology.

© Expo-Monet

3. Horta Museum (Brussels)

If you are into interior design, this is definitely a must-visit! The Horta Museum is located in the private house and studio of legendary Belgian architect Victor Horta. He is one of the most important representatives of the Art Nouveau decorative art style, recognizable by its intricate linear designs and flowing curves inspired by nature.

The interior decoration has largely been retained, with the mosaics, stained glass, and wall decorations forming a harmonious and elegant whole, down to the last detail.

© Horta Museum

4. Museum of Erotics and Mythology (Brussels)

The MEM is a museum set in a charming XVIIIth century house where you will discover the fantastic history of Erotic art from Antiquity until today. Almost every item is from the private collection of the museum’s founder Dr. Guy Martens who has a deep passion for erotic art. He started building his collection at the age of 17. After having acquired more than 800 art pieces, he came up with the idea to expose the pieces to the public.

The purpose of this museum is to show the existence of the erotism since sexual pleasure has been discovered by humanity. Get ready to see a whole lot of dicks. We are not exaggerating. They are everywhere.


5. Seven Senses Tour (Ghent)

Although not officially a museum, the Seven Senses Tour in Ghent is a perfect way to keep you exercised while admiring some art. This tour is all about the senses: you can, for example, look at beautiful art by Belgian painter Van Eyck in a city walk. Are you hungry from all that walking? Taste a locally produced delicacy. Discover how the flowery meadow in Van Eyck’s painting, Lam Gods, would smell like in real life. Finally, listen to a musical soundscape in an immersive experience that reveals the history and secrets of the building.

The most special part of the tour is the tunnel light show underneath François Laurentplein where you get taken to by boat. There, you can sail between artworks, projected on the tunnel walls. If you want to discover Ghent in a completely different way, you should not miss this tour!

© Stad Gent

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