5 things to avoid when you’re in a relationship

We all know them, those annoying people in a relationship that forgot how it is to be an individual. When you invite one of them they automatically assume that their partner is welcome too. And when they talk it’s always “we” and never “I” as if they changed into a siamese twin. When you recognize these symptoms it’s about time you read these very interesting tips before you unconsciously dumped all of your single friends. You never know if you still need them in the future!

So what to avoid?

1. Do not only go out together or with other couples. Life is short, take a break! Before you realize you’re 50 and you never took a chance to put one step out of the tiny world you’re living in. And when you do some things separately, there’s much more to talk about later on.

2. Because you met that special other person doesn’t mean you can’t get to know any other human beings or animals. There are billions of them, maybe not every individual is that interesting. But you’ll surely get along perfectly with some of them.

3. Sharing your love on social media is allowed, twice a month. And please, we’ve seen enough #followmetoo pictures… be creative and come up with a new idea, thanks! While you’re being creative, please do find a new way of sharing an engagement. One more “she, he or whatever said yes” combined with a diamond ring and we unfollow you.

4. When you go shopping, mind your own taste. Ok he doesn’t like maxi skirts and she isn’t a big fan of shorts with pockets on the side… who cares?

5. As we already said in the intro, don’t use the word “we” too often. In the Western world we fought for the right to have an own opinion, use it.

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5 things to avoid when you're in a relationship

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