5 Trends We'd Like to Ditch in 2020


30 Dec

5 Trends We’d Like to Ditch in 2020

For starters, we’d like to mention we fully support the freedom of personal style. Seeing everyone making their mark on fashion, beauty and photography is what keeps us on social media. However, it’s the word “personal” where the sticking point is.

It isn’t the items in itself but mostly the sameness that bothers us. Everyone wanting to be an individual resulted in too much of the same. We know that there are 7.8 billion of us but let’s agree to not shamelessly copying one another. Scroll down for 5 trends we’ve just seen way too much.

1. Fugly Footwear

Let 2020 be the year fugly footwear will be officially buried. No more Buffalo’s, Triple S, Crocs and all variations on these designs. You can try to find an excuse to still wear them but we all know that enough is enough. Spend your money on a pair of boots, loafers or sneakers that actually look good.

5 Trends We'd Like to Ditch in 2020
5 Trends We'd Like to Ditch in 2020

2. Fillers Everywhere

The 2010s will go down memory lane as the decade where both youngsters and “grown-ups” massively took refuge in fillers. Nothing wrong with subtly moderating your face and body when it makes you insecure. However, everything has its limits.

5 Trends We'd Like to Ditch in 2020

3. The Frog Pose

To keep a long rant short: let the frogs own their pose. There are plenty of other animals to imitate.

5 Trends We'd Like to Ditch in 2020
5 Trends We'd Like to Ditch in 2020

4. Picture Perfect

Our wish to have the picture-perfect buried in 2017 was denied so we’re asking for a second chance here. By now we all know how pretty Positano is, definitely when you block our view. Also, we tried to eat spaghetti while leaning with our elbow on our knee… didn’t work out.

5 Trends We'd Like to Ditch in 2020
5 Trends We'd Like to Ditch in 2020

5. Everything streetwear

Now even Virgil Abloh (at last) predicted the end of streetwear in December 2019, we hope people will finally stop wearing the tracksuit, sneaker, T-shirt and hoodie ensembles. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all your sweats and kicks, just combine them in a more original way.

5 Trends We'd Like to Ditch in 2020
5 Trends We'd Like to Ditch in 2020

Photo credits: @buffalolondon, @crocs, @stassiebaby, @charlcrosby_, @carodaur, @marianodivaio, @dropkillx, @sarcevmet and @champion 

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