How to survive a heatwave


5 Ways to Keep It Cool

Unless you’re stuck in a place with AC (lucky you), it’s time to stay focused and keep it cool. Forget about layering, hot socks and chunky sneakers. We never thought we’d say this, but the less garments you wear, the better. In case you need any help, underneath you’ll find our tips to survive the heat wave.

Keep it cool

1. The wet hair look

If you’re keen on blow drying your hair when it’s 35℃ (95℉) degrees in -and outside, have fun! We totally embraced the wet hair look at the moment. It’s refreshing and actually saves us time.

2. Free the toes

We totally understand that it’s hard to take a step back from your favorite pair of Nike’s but give your toes some space. They will be grateful.

3. Moisturize

Caudalie Grape Water totally is all we need right now.

4. Wearing a bathing suit or bikini as actual clothes are allowed

Combine your bathing suit or bikini with a pair or shorts / trousers / a skirt and you’re ready to go.

5. Hydrate

There are three words you have to keep in mind: water, water and water. We know you secretly prefer coffee and alcohol because so do we but your body is a temple and hydration is essential.

If these tips aren’t enough for you, read our article on how to stylishly survive a heatwave in the city.

survive heatwave tips wet hair look
survive heatwave bathing suit outfit
Evian Oversize hoodie

Photo credits: Pinterest, Balenciaga, Caudalie, Adenorah, Evian

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