Nelke Roose

11 Oct 2020
Film & TV

6 New Series to Binge on Netflix This Month

Besides adding new seasons to some of our favorite shows like ‘Jane the Virgin’ and ‘Modern Family’, Netflix also treats us to some new, interesting series. Get your fuzzy socks and hot drinks out, because here are six binge-worthy series coming to Netflix this October.

1. Good Morning, Verônica (TW: suicide)

Good Morning, Verônica is a Brazilian web television series based on a thriller. It’s about Verônica, a police secretary who witnesses a young woman committing suicide. That same week, she receives an anonymous call from a desperate woman needing help. When digging into both cases, Verônica brings herself and her family in danger. Your daily portion of suspense is guaranteed!

‘Good Morning, Verônica’ premiered on 1 October 2020.

2. Oktoberfest Beer & Blood

In München 1900, ambitious beer brewer Curt Prank goes the extra mile to get his beer to the world’s largest Volksfest, Oktoberfest. But then, of course, things go wrong when his daughter falls head over heels for his rival’s son. Octoberfest originates from 1810 and people celebrate it with parties and beer, lots of beer. Netflix’s historical drama series could offer you some comfort if you’re heartbroken over Oktoberfest being canceled this year.

‘Oktoberfest Beer & Blood’ premiered on 1 October 2020.

3. Emily in Paris

If you feel warm inside thinking back on the classic rom-com The Devil Wears Prada, you should try the new comedy-drama series Emily in Paris. From the creator of Sex And The City, this show will bring you a fun night without having to think much. Emily, portrayed by American sweetheart Lily Collins, moves from Chicago to Paris and starts working in marketing. We follow her trying to figure out the new city while learning how to make friends and maintain her long-distance relationship.

‘Emily in Paris’ premiered on 2 October 2020.

4. To the Lake

Ever wondered – especially these days – what to do when a deadly virus threatens all of humanity? Find out in the Russian, sci-fi series To the Lake. In this apocalyptic world, a group survives will do everything to stay alive, even if that means they’ll have to risk love, humanity, and lives. The series is based on the bestseller by Russian author Jana Vagner.

‘To the Lake’ premiered on 7 October 2020.

5. Deaf U

Remember the deaf model from America’s Next Top Model, activist, actor, and just overall idol, Nyle DiMarco? Well, he now produced a reality series about the only university in the world for deaf and hard-hearing students, Gallaudet University. We get close to some of the students in this coming-of-age production, with the goal of showing deaf people as just humans.

‘Deaf U’ will premiere on 9 October 2020.

6. Social Distance

With COVID-19 still out and about, another series about our new reality was bound to happen. From the creator of Orange Is the New Black, Jenji Kohan, Social Distance highlights the power of humans to stay connected, while facing isolation and uncertainty. Each episode tells a different story with new characters, but the focus is always on staying in touch.

‘Social Distance’ will premiere on 15 October 2020.

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