6 worst dating tips


The 6 worst dating tips

Entire self-help books were written around the subject but we’re still clueless when it comes to dating. At least, while trying, we learned all about the don’ts. Especially for you we gathered our worst dating tips and turned them into something slightly more educational.

1. Never go to the movies on a first date

It’s dark, you’re not allowed to talk and maybe you won’t be able to control your feelings when a scene gets too emotional. Besides, kissing in a room stuffed with other people is rather unromantic. (Forget tip n°1 if you’re part of the 0,00001% of the world population that has a cinema at home)

2. The Notebook

It’s strongly dissuaded ever to mention The Notebook is your favorite movie. Unless you’re obviously dating someone with a bad taste in movies.

3. Skip the restaurant part

First of all, eating on a first date is never a good idea unless you’re good at eating and talking at the same time. When you add a bit of spinach, too much tomato sauce or even worse… garlic to this concept things can go seriously wrong.

4. Quit playing games

You’ve all been there… calling your best friend before the actual date and asking for advice. He or she probably just had a bad experience and tells you either to play hard to get or to do the actual opposite. We consider to just breathe instead of calling someone and forget about any kind of games. Even the Backstreet Boys told us so “Quit playing games“… remember?

However, a role play on the third date is allowed. Things don’t need to get too boring!

5. Contraception (if this title sounds weird, read further)

So you were smart enough to take any kind of contraception with you on a first date (you never know). We strongly recommend to put it somewhere safe. Never just put condoms or any other kind of contraception in your wallet or bag. When you’re paying the bill at a bar you don’t want to accidentally lose some when everyone is watching.

6. Manage the expectations

Try not to think before going on a date, your mind generally fucks up loads of things. Unconsciously that brain of yours probably has an entire plan with loads of expectations figured out. Just ignore it… If this is difficult just put on some Britney Spears music and the thinking will stop automatically.

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6 worst dating tips
6 worst dating tips
6 worst dating tips

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