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19 Mar
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7 Bond Girls With A License To Kill

A man’s most precious jewel is the woman who walks by his side, especially when you’re secret agent 007. The James Bond franchise is one of the most iconic in the movie industry and gets billions of fans excited. Since the 25th movie ‘No Time To Die’, which is also Daniel Craig’s last James Bond, is delayed until November 2020, we’re taking a look at the most iconic Bond girls ever.

The First

One of the most iconic James Bond moments is by far the beach scene in the first Bond movie Dr. No, where Honey Ryder makes her entrance. The Swiss actress Ursula Andress was the first Bond girl and made a lasting impression with her incredible looks and timeless radiance. Ever since she’s been an example for all the beautiful women that followed her.

(Picture at the top of this article)

The Most Popular

The third movie Goldfinger saw the introduction of the most popular Bond girl, Pussy Galore. Even though her name isn’t very flattering and wouldn’t be accepted if they’d introduce it today, the British actress Honor Blackman played the Bond girl character with an effortless coolness and calmness that even impressed Sean Connery.

Honor Blackman

The Sharpest

It’s not easy to have the same sharp skills as Secret Service agent 007, but Anya Amasova, played by the American Actress Barbara Bach, was at least as brave as the gentleman himself. The KGB agent (KGB was the secret service of the Sovjet Union) wasn’t afraid to hold back and took every challenge with an incredible ease. A woman with balls.

Barbara Bach

The Most Captivating

Grace Jones is not only a phenomenal singer, but showed in A View To Kill that she’s more captivating than mister Bond himself. The Eiffel Tower scene is proof enough, because besides climbing the monument, she also jumps from the 324 meters high tower. Grace Jones kicked ass as May Day.

Grace Jones

The Tightest Thighs

Bond girls are known for being tough, but the Georgian fighter pilot Xenia Onatopp is the real deal. The Dutch actress Famke Janssen played this femme fatale, who loved to torture her enemies by crushing them between her thighs and definitely made men fall in love with her.

Famke Janssen

The Beach Babe

James Bond and beaches are without any doubt a good match, because we all remember Halle Berry’s entrance in Die Another Day. The scene everyone truly knows gave a whole new dimension to Bond girls and gave many men a wet dream. A pop culture moment.

Halle Berry

The Most Sensational

It’s not easy to give depth to a rather one-dimensional character, but Eva Green outdid herself as Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale. As a secret agent, she had the task to supervise mister Bond, but being at Bond’s side always ends up tragically. The sensational performance by Eva Green made it even more tragic.

Eva Green

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