7 Christmas Dinner Essentials


10 Dec 2021
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7 Christmas Dinner Essentials

We know your looks will be on point but how about your Christmas table’s looks? Scroll down for our seven great tips to amaze your guests.

7 Christmas Dinner Essentials

This Balenciaga tablecloth is what you never thought you needed until it’s your job to decorate the Christmas table. We suggest you also purchase a huge piece of plastic to protect this €695 gem.

Bistro Table Set in Black via Balenciaga’s website.

7 Christmas Dinner Essentials

Everything tastes better when served in a Serax x Ann Demeulemeester glass. This is not a hoax.

Billie glassware via Ann Demeulemeester’s website.

7 Christmas Dinner Essentials

Your homemade dinner will only be complete when served on a Gucci plate. As the cherry on top, you can purchase the matching cloche to distract your guests from your mediocre cooking skills.

Tableware via Gucci’s website.

One of our favorite local celebs Élodie Ouédraogo designed a vacuum gift package called ‘Liquid Gold by Élodie’ for BACARDÍ. Besides the nice packaging, there’s a premium aged rum immersed in 18 karat gold hidden in eight of the boxes. We don’t know whether your planets are aligned this month, but you might get lucky.

For the fans: Élodie will be present at the BACARDÍ Rum Room (Korte Gasthuisstraat 4, 2000 Antwerp) on the 19th of December from 2 PM till 4 PM to sign her creations. Say hi to her from us!


7 Christmas Dinner Essentials

Because you don’t want to ruin your brand new Balenciaga tablecloth…

Monogram coasters via Louis Vuitton’s website.

7 Christmas Dinner Essentials

There’s no Christmas without panettone. Period.

San Carlo x Vogue panettone via De Bijenkorf’s website.

7 Christmas Dinner Essentials

You probably never tried it, but we can tell you this: there’s nothing better than putting a Versace puzzle together when sipping from your premium aged BACARDÍ rum in an Ann Demeulemeester glass while eating panettone from a Gucci plate.

Barocco puzzle via Versace’s website.

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