7 hotels guest houses to stay in post-covid


3 May 2021
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7 Hotels and Guest Houses to Put on Your Post-Covid Bucket List

I don’t know about you, but we are in dire need of a vacation after all that has transpired this past year. And while a lot of countries are still in lockdown and flights are grounded, we’re already thinking of where we can go next. So we picked out seven hotels and guest houses that we’re dying to visit once flights are taking off again. From a Mars colony in Jordan to a man-made volcano in Chile and a tranquil guest house in the heel of Italy, scroll down to read all about the seven hotels we’re putting on our post-Covid bucket list.

1. Hôtel Crillon le Brave (Provence, France)

In the middle of Vaucluse, Hôtel Crillon le Brave is a getaway from all that’s been hectic this year and instead offers you stunning views and serenity. The 5-star hideaway stands at the top of the village and is surrounded by 17th and 18th-century buildings. But for those that do want to go out and explore a bit, the city of Avignon is about a 40-minute car ride away. With its historic center having been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, Avignon is a must to visit. Or if you’d rather have some more nature, Lac des Salettes is about 15 minutes away and the nature reserve called Parc Naturel des Baronnies about an hour. Just looking at these pictures is already making us feel at ease. 

Prices start at 270 euros a night.

For more information, check out Hôtel Crillon le Brave’s website

2. HOSHINOYA Tokyo (Otemachi, Japan)

Located in the financial district Otemachi, HOSHINOYA Tokyo offers a ryokan-style luxury stay in the heart of Tokyo. It’s our most expensive hotel on the list, but it is well worth it. The timeless feel of the hotel mixed with Japanese hospitality makes you forget all about the busy city life outside of the hotel walls. The hotel has 84 rooms in three styles: the Kika, the Yuri, and the Sakura. Each floor also features a common lounge exclusively available to those staying on the floor. As for what you can do in the area, it’s literally located in the heart of the city, so more than enough to see and explore within walking distance!

Prices start at 700 euros a night.

For more information, visit HOSHINOYA Tokyo’s website.

3. Montaña Mágica (Huilo-Huilo, Chile)

Huilo-Huilo is a nature reserve of 600 km2 (232 sq mi) of native forest in Chile dedicated to wildlife conservation and tourism. What makes it stand out are the multiple one-of-a-kind hotels that integrate with the nature around it. Montaña Mágica is one of those remarkable hotels: a man-made volcano that spews spa waters. Yeah, you read that right! Add to that its green mossy cover and this hotel truly is a magical mountain that we desperately want to stay in. As for sightseeing, I mean 600km2 of beautiful nature, including stunning waterfalls, makes the perfect getaway, doesn’t it?

Prices start at 76 euros a night. 

For more information visit Montaña Mágica’s website.

4. Scarabeo Camp (Marrakesh, Morocco)

Thirty kilometers south of Marrakesh lies the Agafay desert, which stretches several hundred acres. Scarabeo Camp is set in the stony desert and offers three experiences: Les Roches Noires, the Caravan, and the Stone Camp. Les Roches Noires is a camp for private lunches with a beautiful view, the Caravan is a tailor-made expedition that takes you through the desert, but the Stone Camp is what we’re here for. At the foot of the Atlas Mountains, you can sleep in luxurious Bedouin tents. And while you technically could call it camping, Scarabeo Camp is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we’re dying to enjoy. 

Prices start at 200 euros a night. 

For more information, visit Scarabeo Camp’s website.

5. Masseria Dagilupi (Ostuni, Italy)

In the heel of Italy lies Masseria Dagilupi, a former oil mill surrounded by over 400 ancient olive trees near the white city of Ostuni. Renovated in 2018, the charming guest house offers a relaxing getaway while still having access to beautiful sights to see. With Ostuni only being a 2-minute drive away and Puglia about an hour, there’s plenty to see. In between those cities are countless other white towns and ports waiting to be explored. Safe to say, this guest house is now on our bucket list. 

Prices start at 150 euros a night. For more information, visit Masseria Dagilupi’s website.

6. Ignacia Guest House (Mexico City, Mexico)

Named after the housekeeper Ignacia who worked for over 70 years at the 1913 estate house, Ignacia Guest House is smack dab in the middle of Mexico City. However, the architecture of the house makes it feel like you’re in the jungle. The house has five suites with a beautiful garden in the middle that makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the city. Since it’s near the middle of Mexico City, a bunch of landmarks are only a short drive away like the National Museum of Anthropology, The Chapultepec Castle, and the Historic Center. 

Prices start at 257 euros a night.

For more information, visit Ignacia Guest House’s website.

7. Memories of Aicha (Wadi Rum, Jordan)

Resembling a Mars colony, Memories of Aicha is a camping experience like no other. Situated in the Valley of the Moon or Wadi Rum, the luxury camp offers a stunning view of the mountains while living in an igloo-type bubble. It’s the perfect getaway for those traveling through Jordan and wanting to have a unique experience. With Wadi Rum being one of Jordan’s most popular tourist sites, there’s more than enough to see while staying at the Mars colony. 

Prices start at 150 euros a night.  

For more information, visit the booking website for Memories of Aicha.

Photo credits: Hôtel Crillon le Brave, HOSHINOYA Tokyo, Montaña Mágica, Scarabeo Camp, Masseria Dagilupi, Ignacia Guest House, @karlatomaselli, and Memories of Aicha

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