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19 Dec

90s sportswear: is this retro trend here to stay?

History repeats itself all the time. And it’s no secret that in the fashion industry everything is retro, except for the prices. They, on the other hand, remain “modern” or up-to-date. You can put it how you want it but in 2016 we saw a born-again 90s sportswear in the streets. We liked the comeback of the polos, trainers and chunky sneakers. Yet again it made us wonder, is this 90s sportswear trend just temporary or here to stay?

The streets are talking

Whether you’re traveling from London all the way to Moscow you’ll have to acknowledge the rise of 90s fashion in general. Because the more you go to the east, the more you’ll see the retro sportswear aesthetic winning. The way they wear it is almost like they share a passion for it. And the beauty of it is that it works so well.

Even when we’re on the search of a new street look to photograph downtown. We do our best to listen to the streets. Because often that’s a real reflection of the society.

90s sportswear: is this retro trend here to stay?

Go-to brands from the 90s

Remember back in the 90s when Tommy Hilfiger was everybody’s go-to brand? It did not matter if you were a pop star, rapper, actor or whatever. You were to be endorsed by Tommy Hilfiger. Although they weren’t the only go-to brand. You had Fila, which everybody pronounced as “FILS”. Furthermore, you had Champion, Kappa, Ellesse, and more.

After 2 decades people were feeling nostalgic with regard to their favorite go-to brands from the nineties. Then around the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 one-by-one, the crowd jumped on the retro wagon again. As a result, vintage stores became more successful as they were the only ones stimulating old-school fashion. Plus the demand for 90s sportswear fashion skyrocketed. In our opinion that cleared the way for all brands that are bringing the out-dated back on the map.

2016 was a good year for 90s sportswear

Not only women but men too, from everywhere around Europe, gave in to the retro trainers this year. Guys from Berlin, London, Paris, Moscow, Tsimiski and more show us how to pull off a sporty ensemble from back in the days. Only to turn it into something we would want to wear. Still, the question remains: is this trend here to stay? Or was it a 2016 thing?

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