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26 Sep

A Q&A with Annika Berger, Designer Behind the Zeitgeist Project

As you could read in our article about the Weekday Zeitgeist collection, this Thursday we will be celebrating the project’s birthday. You can all be part of the event and even win one of the iconic T-shirts (more info underneath this article). But before we party it’s important to know what exactly we’re partying about. We already wrote about the project, now it’s time to have a look at what the designer has to say about it. Meet Annika Berger, the personification of Weekday’s Zeitgeist.

How long have you worked at Weekday and what is your role?

I started at Weekday in 2009 as a freelance print designer. At the time, Weekday did not have a print designer. Today I am responsible for all the prints we produce, working both with men’s and woman’s collections, as well as Zeitgeist.

How and when did Zeitgeist start?

When I started working at Weekday the screen printing rooms were already in place, in every store. I thought it was an amazing opportunity to create a print that could be bought in store the next day.

What does the Zeitgeist name mean?

Zeitgeist means spirit of the times and for us that is exactly what our prints represent. The idea behind Zeitgeist is to look into what’s going on in the world and we see the prints created as the headline of the week. My hope is that Zeitgeist starts conversations or helps people share a viewpoint they believe in but might not be 100% comfortable speaking on. This project gives us a chance to talk about issues and events we care about outside of the realm of fashion. We feel it is important to show our humanity and speak up and take a stand on the issues that affect people’s lives.

Where do you find artistic inspiration?

From my friends, reading the news and books, watching films, exhibitions, travelling. I think about the conversations that I have and I collect small fragments of ideas, pictures, words, sentences and connect them.

What are your daily sources for current events?

I read many of the major international newspapers, Instagram, twitter. On direct question; The New York Times and Guardian

Weekday Zeitgeist Annika Berger
Weekday Zeitgeist Annika Berger
Weekday Zeitgeist Annika Berger

How important is social media in your work and in sharing your work?

Social media is super important, it’s how we interact with customers. It’s also how I consume a lot of news, collect pictures and inspiration. I think social media is a great medium for sharing and collecting.

Social media is so far reaching, so whether we sell a lot of Zeitgeist t-shirts or not, we are really proud of the fact that we are able to share positive messages and share our perspective with a broad audience. For example, gender fluidity or scientific research, making that sort of information mainstream is super rewarding.

Any topics you think are most fun or rewarding to cover?

Self-love is a favourite to do because it is so important and always relevant.

What are your favorite prints and why?

In 2012 we did the “my pussy my choice” print as a reminder that every woman should be able to decide over their own body. It turned out, sadly, that that print has become even more current today, and we used the wording several times now. In 2011 we did a Thug Life print with an image of Vladimir Putin and we all know how relevant that is today. As each week we come up with a statement or design that reflects current events, happenings etc. it is hard to say what will come up next. I also really love the Beach /The Sandstorm is Coming print we did last summer, which was inspired by the Bernie Sanders campaign logo. Other brands have also recently started to use Bernie’s logo as inspiration.

Zeitgeist is politically-charged – is that at your core values?

Our philosophy is to speak up for humanity. That means that we take our actions by supporting humanistic organizations (like Red Cross, UNHCR etc.) and want to use our voice to raise awareness and to inspire others to take actions. Zeitgeist gives us a chance to talk about issues and events we care about outside of the realm of fashion. We’ve covered politics, identity and science. We always want to use our voice to raise awareness and to inspire others to take actions.

Why do you think it is important for fashion to champion social change and awareness?

Fashion is one the strongest messaging tools. It’s hard to miss when it’s right in front of you. And hopefully when a fashion brand speaks about social change it gets the attention of people who might not know how to get involved or make their own statement.

Graphic t-shirts are very popular now, why do you think that is? 

Today everyone is hyperaware and informed about social issues and eager to participate, to make a statement. It is important to have an opinion, not to be silent.

Weekday Zeitgeist Annika Berger
Weekday Zeitgeist

>>> Save the date 28.09.2017

To celebrate the project’s birthday Weekday organizes an event in its Antwerp store on the 28th of September. And you’re invited! What’s in there for you? The chance to shop the re-edition prints as well as a few other archive prints. You can bring your own cotton garment or buy one in store, that’s entirely up to you.

On top, ENFNTS TERRIBLES is giving away 12 T-shirts out of the re-editions collection. Keep an eye on our INSTAGRAM to find out how to win one of those iconic T-shirts!

Details of the event:
Location – Weekday Store, Kammenstraat 36-38, 2000 Antwerp
Date: October 28, 2017
The event starts at 4pm and ends around 6pm

Click on attending or interested on the facebook event.


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