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4 Nov
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About Netflix’ Latest Guilty Pleasure: Dynasty

If you’d put Melrose Place, The Bold & the Beautiful, The O.C. and Gossip Girl into a blender it would probably result in something like Dynasty. A guilty pleasure that’s on your weekly playlist but you can’t really explain why it ended up there. Common “excuses” are that it’s a no-brainer after a stressful day at work. Or that the dramatic lives of the rich and famous make you want to win the lottery even more. Let’s just agree on the fact that you’re allowed to watch. But don’t expect it to make you see the light… unless it’s the light of your fridge.

Dynasty, the remake

Most of you won’t remember but Dynasty actually is nothing new. Just the 2017 version of the original 80’s hit TV show that lasted for 9 seasons. Not bad to keep your audience interested for such an amount of time. We’re curious how the remake will get on but 9 seasons seems a lofty goal. Definitely with the current competition, new series seem to sprout like mushrooms.

Up till now the storyline and characters are mainly the same. One important remark however is that they clearly thought about casting a more multicultural team instead of the original all-white crew. Amen to the 21st century!

Dynasty Netflix
Dynasty Netflix

In short…

An older billionaire called Blake Carrington marries his pretty, young secretary Cristal. His daughter Fallon, a boss lady who eventually wants to take over the company, doesn’t approve. His do-gooder son Steven who’s slightly naive doesn’t care. Everyone has their secrets. Someone gets killed. And so the drama begins…

Money, sex, power and loads of drama

Let’s be honest: Dynasty won’t make you feel like the world is turning into a better place. Rather the opposite… If we’d have to describe the TV show in 4 words you get the title of this paragraph. The only thing that actually made us smile were Fallon’s outfits. But there’s something about it that triggers us to continue watching. Is it the elusiveness, the fact that the Carringtons are living a life us normal mortals can only dream of? Or are we secretly hoping that the show will turn into something we didn’t expect it to be? Let’s just give it this season. If nothing really happens, another show might just pop-up to keep our tired minds occupied.

Photo credits: Netflix, Teen Vogue

Dynasty Netflix

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