6 Sep

Behind The Scenes: Adidas Throws Secret NMD Party in Paris

Last Thursday, sneakerheads from all over Europe gathered in Paris for a secret rave and techno party to celebrate the release of the Adidas NMDs. The exclusive future-themed party was  beyond anyone’s imagination and literally blew our minds. Well-known DJ’s like Maya Jane Coles, Bambounou and Clara3000 performed. All in honor of the current campaign  for Adidas NMDs Past Empowers the Future.

This wasn’t the first edition though. Earlier this year Adidas threw a couple of epic parties in major cities across the world. Each celebrating the beautiful relation between art and tech. This time around the brand hosted a second, even cooler, party in Paris. And yups, we were there!

Secret location à Paris

When Adidas throws a party, you know it’s going to be epic. This time they took it to the next level by choosing a mysterious, underground location. The event took place underneath a bridge at Friche de la Villette.

Before arriving, we had to go through a tunnel which was decorated with visual arts. The main location existed of a music box, an audiovisual wall showcasing various new Adidas NMD sneakers, 2 big stages and 2 bars. Not bad we’d say. Not bad at all!

Sneakerheads only

More than 500 sneaker fans from different European countries flew over to Paris for the exclusive event. Amongst them were creatives and fashion lovers from London, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin, Madrid, and more.

The die-hard lovers of the German sports label styled their old NMD kicks with the sickest outfit. We saw some pretty cool stuff and especially loved Jacquill Glenn Basdew with the custom purple Adidas tracksuit [Photo left].

We rounded up some more of our favorite looks at the bottom of this article, so make sure to check it out!

Musical experience

The Adidas goal of the night was to celebrate the old underground and techno scenes of Paris. To do that, the brand build a huge music box and 2 big stages where the top of the modern techno scene was set to perform.

An audiovisual wall showed us the newest NMD designs while we were listening to some of the early underground beats and techno classics.

The real musical experience started when DJ’s Maya Jane Coles and Bambounou took charge of the music. The crowd went crazy and danced the night away. We even saw some dance battles! Up till now we’re still slowly recovering from a very crazy night out.

Check out the best shots of the Adidas NMD launch party in Paris below!

Photo credits: Pascal Montary

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