Milly Osborne

26 Apr

Adidas Teases a Fully Recyclable Shoe That Will Drop in 2021

Adidas just unveiled their 100% recyclable shoe debut. The Futurecraft Loop design spearheads Adidas’ bid to relieve the plastic crisis and reduce production waste. 

Made to be remade

Adidas showcased the Futurecraft Loop shoe that hopes to tackle the absurd amounts of clothing and footwear waste that winds up in landfill sites and incinerators. This high-performance running trainer is lightweight and made to be remade. 

As the world gears up to spread awareness and tackle the problem of plastic waste, Adidas isn’t keeping any secrets in scraping the surface of this international crisis. Brands are being blasted for their environmentally unfriendly practices and lack of compassion for the planet. As historical quantities of clothing and footwear are left in landfill sites and waste resurfaces in the ocean, Adidas hopes to lead by example.


One material

On average, your typical Adidas kicks, whether you rock Yeezys or Stan Smiths, are usually made out of twelve different materials. The Futurecraft Loop is made exclusively of one material –  TPU (a type of thermoplastic polyurethane) and no glue. Heat is used to bend and mold the pieces together, guaranteeing a comfortable and long-lasting product.

One big step for Adidas…

We would hate to get your hopes up if you had your heart set on the off-white Futurecraft Loop being your summer sneaker of choice. The release date of 2021 is testing our patience because the shoe is currently being tested for quality and endurance by 200 industry insiders.

The Futurecraft Loop project is one big step for Adidas and one small step for the planet. We’ll see you at the drop!


Photo credits: Adidas

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