7 Jul

Adult Antwerp Is the New Shoe Brand That Is Making Heels up to Size 46

Knowing a few guys who like to occasionally wear high heels, we know the struggle of finding big size heels. It’s a real hassle to find a good pair of stilettos in a size 45. When we came across this new gender fluid shoe brand on Instagram, it immediately had our attention.

Adult. is an Antwerp-based shoe brand that was founded by Raphaële Lenseigne and Shone Puipia. The two young designers are friends and both graduates of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. On their site, the designers explain that Adult. is about the people who encompass their lives – not one, but an embodiment of various characters; the young, the beauty, the mysterious, the brave.

Gender fluid

The Antwerp-based brand has a youthful and innovative perspective, which gives the sleek and elegant designs a playful twist. Our favorite pair of heels from the Fall/Winter 2018 collection are probably the Whipstitch boots in black. The gorgeous leather lace-up ankle boots are now available for preorders.

The coolest thing about the brand is probably the fact that they are making heels up to size 46. When you’re a man or you just have big feet, it’s very hard to find decent shoes in a bigger size. It’s very innovative and daring for a young brand like Adult. to decide to produce for bigger sizes. We applaud that!

Adult.‘s design process is not influenced by gender. Individually, Shone and I blur the traditional boundaries already: he can be much more ‘feminine’ than I am and I much more ‘masculine’ than him.” explains Raphaële Lenseigne. “Everywhere in Antwerp, prior to Adult., we’ve met so many inspiring hybrid creatures that were building their appearance regardless of the garment’s gender category. So the idea of proposing our products in the full size range came naturally, from a will to design for individuals rather than concepts. We want to provide shoes that you can play around with, build characters from. And let’s be real, it’s about time men get a wider shoe offer anyway!”

Shop or preorder the entire Adult. collection on their webshop.

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