18 Nov

Alan Crocetti Is the Jewelry Designer That Should Be on Your Radar

Although you might not have heard about Alan Crocetti, chances are big that you’ve already seen one or more of his jewelry designs. It’s worn by stars like Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, Christina Aguilera and recently also by Ezra Miller. Alan Crocetti has been on our radar for a while now. Enough reasons to finally discover more about the intriguing designer.

Alan Crocetti’s aim is to redefine the common sense of jewellery design while also defying conceived notions of it. Through its campaigns and Instagram page, it’s clear that the brand stands for innovation and reforming the meaning of gender. The London-based designer has campaigns that make us wish we would’ve produced them. It’s crazy.

Innovation and exclusivity

On its website, the brand writes that it prides on innovation and exclusivity. The price point of the Alan Crocetti jewelry isn’t super high, but it’s also not cheap. Prices go from 229 euro to 1.200 euro and more. For us, it’s mainly the design that stands out. It’s unique and the collection is full of timeless pieces that will represent novelty and eventually become future classics.

Have a look at Alan Crocetti’s gorgeous last campaign below and make sure to follow us on Instagram for more updates.


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