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5 Feb

Rhye’s New Album “Blood” Is a Lustful Masterpiece

Last Friday, February 2nd, Rhye released a second album: Blood. Their debut album Woman was one of the best albums made in the 21st century, so our expectations were incredibly high. We gave the follow-up a good listen during the weekend and came to the conclusion that we absolutely adore it. Rhye brings – once again – the kind of music that gives you shivers throughout your whole body. The kind of music that mentally brings you to a rooftop with a view over New York City. The best kind of music, in other words.

Slightly less funk

The voice of singer Mike Milosh is as fragile, feminine and beautiful as we know it. But the overall sound of the band has somewhat changed: the tracks contain slightly less jazzy/funky elements than we’re used to. However, songs like Feel Your Weight and Count to Five, still have quite an amount of boogie going on.

Even though we feel like there was room for some more funk, our favorite songs of the album are not the funky ones. It’s the opener of the album, Waste, that stole our hearts. Another song that grabs us by the throat is the mellifluous Softly.


Ideal soundtrack for your bedroom adventures

Blood arrived 18 months after Milosh’ split from actress Alexa Nikolas (whom the millennials amongst us might recognize from Zoey 101). The heartbreak is obviously present in the lyrics of Please: “Don’t cry that way/All this pain on me“.

But Milosh has a new lover and doesn’t keep it a secret. At all. Stay Safe, for example, is drenched in love: “Let’s make a home, mmm“. And the complete album has a very seductive and sensual sound, which makes Blood the ideal soundtrack for your romantic bedroom adventures. Phoenix is probably the most lustful track. 
My Phoenix rising crazy/I’m coming fast, oh my God, oh my God“.

Listen to Blood here and let us know what you think!


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